You want to grow every aspect of your business from generating more leads to understanding buying behaviors, so what better way than to use the Internet and its myriad of marketing tech tools to get your business booming, right?!

This ignites your passion for creating the perfect marketing model by piecing together the best marketing tech tools on the market — a Weird Science kinda plan that “should” work, right?! However, much like the boys who tried creating that perfect model, cobbling those best-of-breed tools may seem like a great plan on paper – but we all know the headaches and hardships that ensued after the model was created. So instead of this perfect marketing specimen, you’ve created a somewhat Frankenstein monster — where you never know which parts are compatible with others and which parts are good or bad.

As you begin assembling your plan, you realize there are a LOT of moving parts. And as you sign up for training and get the recommendations of industry “experts,” you end up with a tech headache that you never intended to sign up for.

But don’t simply take my word for it. Look at how some marketers struggle with the same tech issues (and have the same headaches) as you have (note, we’ve changed the names to protect the befuddled):

“My priorities are minimizing tech headaches, [receive] great support, and a highly customizable look that prioritizes the content itself…”

— Jane H.

“I’m talking with Infusionsoft, Rainmaker and feeling the familiar sense of entrepreneur’s tech overwhelm…but I’m less sure about wrangling endless updates/security issues/plugins for WordPress…my goal is of minimizing tech wrangling and maximizing my attention to content…I’m sufficiently befuddled by all of this.”

— Julie B.

“I have a landing page I used to use…it was created in LeadPages and published in WordPress plugin…When I copy the URL and use it in my MailChimp emails, it seems to pick up and old URL from a website I used to use…Just can’t figure out which service is causing the redirect.”

— John S.

“Hi all, I see a lot of people struggling like me with the technical aspects of integrating marketing tools…where do I go for help?”

–Sam P.

“I’m so overwhelmed because I’m anxious to integrate multiple plugins on a well-established site…HELP!”

— Jackie M.

Which marketing tech issues and headaches do you empathize with?

I recently came across this old story I think will add some clarity and perspective to this growing crisis and how you may have arrived at this juncture.  As it turns out, this is more common that you likely imagine. Ready?

The Frog and Boiling Water

If you try to put a frog in a pot of boiling water, it will do everything it can to escape. But, if you put a frog in a pot of cold water and gradually heat it up to boiling, the frog will sit there until it’s cooked. [Disclaimer: no frogs were boiled to prove this theory.]

How does this relate to you and your marketing tech tools? In more ways, than you think…

If you knew you were jumping head first into boiling water with the marketing tools that industry “experts” have recommended, you would avoid that like the plague! But the truth is, most marketers do just this! They start out with one tool (maybe WordPress) and then add something else (an email provider like Aweber), then add another tool (like Optimize Press for landing pages)…But wait, you need to process payments! You heard that 1Shopping Cart is a good solution, so you add that into the mix. And so it continues…adding new tools and plugins as you go, everything you add and every new skill you learn becomes another turn of the temperature dial.

Pretty soon, you’re boiling mad about all the tech that you have to get working together, manage, and all the places you have to look to get a glimpse of what’s working and what isn’t. After a week and a half of trying to make it work [true story], you learn that Optimize Press and 1 Shopping Cart don’t play well together. Oops! Back to the drawing board.  You get so caught up in trying to get the tech to work marginally well that you lose sight of what you really need to succeed. Or worse, you settle for mediocre results thinking they’re the best you can get.

Just listen to how this approach hampered Daniel’s results:

“It’s been a looooong process of learning the ins and outs of all the technical aspects of setting up a marketing automation platform from start to finish…I’ve encountered so many roadblocks along the way since I am not a technical person…All the things I have used so far: choosing a host server (Host Gator), then a platform (WordPress), then a theme and all the right plugins, then choosing between LeadPages or OptimizePress, the setting up a shopping cart )(1ShoppingCart)…I have been going through a flail for a week and a half just trying to get Simplify Commerce integrated with them…then today finding out OptimizePress doesn’t integrate with 1ShoppingCart…Now I’m working on a PayPal integration, which apparently works…Guess I’ll find out shortly.”

The short of it is…I think what would be very useful is if I had a resource that went through every service needed to do this from start to finish that works well together….Could be very simple, ‘here’s a template with all the technical aspects and pages that play nicely together…”

–Daniel M.


WPMktgEngine’s technology may not be a magical kiss that turns your frog into a prince, but it’s certainly can be a cure for your tech headaches by seamlessly integrating the essential set of tools and integrations from opt-in pages and lead capture forms to email provider to membership solution to eCommerce right out of the box! No begging or waiting for some techie to help “align” the stars (because none of us have time for that!).

Want to get started on seeing the big picture of what could be a straightforward engine that allows you to grow and scale your business? Take a second to download the Flow of Online Marketing.

About Kim Albee

An in-demand marketing consultant, speaker, and educator, Kim is a respected visionary with a great sense of humor who has made her life goal to make marketing easier and more accessible for small business owners. When not changing the course of marketing history, you can find her at a tiny cabin next to a Wisconsin lake with people and critters that make her happy.

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