Legal peace of mind for your business.

Not a fan of being sued? It could happen, and it could shut your business down.

If you’re not well-protected, you could end up being the target of a customer, someone who has never bought a thing from you, or even a target of the FTC. Yes, that FTC. Scary, huh?

MOST small businesses will NOT spend $2300 or more getting the right documents assembled by an attorney.  You will copy from other sites, or you will use the “template” approach that is likely NOT tailored to your business.

That’s why we created a partnership with FTC Guardian™ to get you access to FTC Guardian™ Basic membership.

Your privacy policy isn’t private, and likely needs updating – or you could be sued for doing something that you are either already doing or you’re thinking about doing it. Really.

Your terms of service might be thrown out by a judge, if a customer ever challenges it. That would hurt, wouldn’t it?

Do you have an app, available through one or more app stores? They aren’t exempt – and can expose you to a host of compliance issues and risks.

Think the FTC only looks at big companies like Apple and Facebook? Think again. More and more small businesses are being challenged by the FTC, and some have been put out of business – literally- by the fines levied.

If you are doing Ad Retargeting, or Facebook or Google advertising, then you MUST have a privacy policy that is written accurately – or risk getting BANNED from these platforms.

We are proud to be partnering with

Chip Cooper, Esq.Chip Cooper, Esq.

SaaS Attorney, Internet Attorney, E-Commerce Attorney
Co-Founder and CEO, FTC Guardian™

That’s why we’ve partnered with FTC Guardian™ to bring you this totally awesome WPMktgEngine  BONUS!

FTC Guardian

During the launch period of WP Marketing Engine, not only do Conversion Pro subscribers get our full Pro Training bundle AND lifetime launch pricing, now you get FTC Guardian™ Basic – which includes all of these documents, customized to your exact needs (and we’re providing this for Engage Pro subscribers as well):

Legal Page

Terms of Use

DCMA Registration Form

Privacy Policy (general audience)

Testimonials & Results Disclosure

Earnings Disclaimer

Special Disclaimers

Opt-In List & Newsletter Notices & Disclaimers

Purchase WPMktgEngine Conversion Pro Subscription during the launch period, and you will also receive FTC Guardian™ Basic, along with the WPMktgEngine Training Pro bundle.

Purchase WPMktgEngine Engage Pro Subscription during the launch period and you will also receive FTC Guardian™ Basic.