The global marketing automation industry is set to grow from $3.65 billion in 2014 to $5.5 billion in 2019, making it a trend to watch. Companies that use marketing automation have 53% higher conversion rates than companies that do not*.  Do I have your attention?

Oh, those clichés: “Win one for the Gipper,” “Actions speak louder than words,” “You can’t please everyone…” these platitudes are thrown out at just about every sporting event to corporate cheerleading seminar. But one, in particular, is perfect for this post that I just have to use it: “A match made in heaven.” That’s what immediately comes to my mind when I think about content and marketing automation.

And all you small business owners out there should acknowledge this beautiful union and forever hold your peace whenever presented with the opportunity to better reach your perfect potential customers by automating your marketing tasks.

Content marketing automation takes the laborious, often times, disconnected traditional content marketing tasks and automates them to save you time, money, and resources.

Furthermore, today’s businesses are under intense pressure to produce an ROI that will keep their businesses open by maintaining a steady stream of potential leads and sustaining a solid customer base. Content marketing automation can help small business marketers prove their worth in a world where most people are drowning in content but not richer for the experience.  Ever hear the term about TV: 100 channels and still nothing on?

Though some marketers contend that content marketing automation is robotic and dehumanizes the business; thus, the relationship between the brand and your perfect potential customer becomes impersonal and cold. I’m here to tell you, automation can actually enhance that relationship by providing timely, relevant content that speaks DIRECTLY to your lead’s problems and solves whatever pains them. The outcome? A transformational shift.

Content marketing automation can be as simple as scheduling a social media post and as complicated as list segmentation, lead scoring, and email triggering. Sounds intimidating, but it’s actually very easy to do. Once you get started, you can reap dividends — both in time and in customers.

Automation Helps Content Supply and Demand

Consumers reportedly spend over 17 hours a week digesting content on various platforms. Consumers’ hunger for content has never been higher! Plus, not to mention the ultra-high competition of today’s battle for content supremacy is becoming more and more complex, which means you must meet this demand with a sound, automated strategy that will propel your brand to the top of your consumers’ minds.

This area is where you can really save time and money. Traditionally, you’d spend countless hours crafting content to satisfy your audience’s appetite – but wouldn’t know if they liked Chinese, Mexican, or American [euphemisms for content ;)] Automation helps you put your content in front of them at the exact time your audience is hungry and serving them the content they’re craving. How’d you like those metaphors?

Tools such as WPMktgEngine help marketers understand what content is receiving the most engagement, and can help you create, target, and schedule your campaigns to the right audience. Manually doing these tasks is just plain hard, and wastes time and resources. The results are in!  Automation is critical in streamlining these activities and delivering more of the results you’re striving after.

Automation Nurtures Engagement

Automation is not the lazy way out! Myth buster 101.

Consumers who get content that is NOT tailored to their specific wants and desires will lose interest, unfollow your brand, and never to return, taking with them all of their followers. Automation, however, gives consumers hyper-tailored messages depending on their behaviors and interests. Yes, I said “interests” and behaviors.” Plural! For example, automating email sequences affords you the luxury of nurturing your consumers throughout their buying journey by triggering specific emails tailored to those interests and behaviors. No longer are you batching and blasting the same general pitch to every Tom, Dick, and Harry on your list.  Automation allows you to go narrow and deep, rather than wide and shallow.  And your leads will love you and reward you with their engagement and trust.

By using content marketing automation, you can meet that demand easily and in a timely manner. WPMktgEngine makes it easy to send customized messages that offer that personalized one-on-one connection with your lead. It can track your customers’ interactions with the email like going beyond open and click-through rates to include what pages they visit, forms they complete, files they download, to name just a few.

Automation Helps Marketers Become Lead Generation Ninjas

Automation helps segment leads, turning you into a lead generating ninja. You can easily take control of nurturing leads by tailoring content to them based on where they are in their buying journey. Using automation tools to manage contacts, segment lists, and score leads add unparalleled value to your company in the way of lead engagement, increased trust, and increased sales (53% higher according to Aberdeen Group).

By automating content marketing, you can become much more valuable to your company because you understand what your leads need, and can easily provide it — garnering that increase in trust, and inherent goodwill when you help people approach a problem and show them that working with you makes a difference in their success.

Content marketing becomes far less hit-or-miss “guessing,” and far more of a science based on your easily accessible metrics.

It Starts with a Sound Strategy

By having a sound marketing automation strategy, you can reach targeted consumers with personalized messages and separate your brand from your competition by meeting the growing demand for content. Marketers get into trouble by sending out content without having a sound strategy.

WPMktgEngine will not only provide you with the tools needed to automate your marketing, but it will also help prepare you to achieve your company’s goals. We will not leave you on the e-Island to fend for yourself.


*Source: Aberdeen Group


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