Great content marketing isn’t a one-and-done strategy. It takes strategic thinking and powerful behavioral analytics to achieve the speed, scale, and continuity to be successful in this uber-cluttered world of content. If you are going to invest the time and resources in content marketing, ensure you invest in the right tools and resources to be successful.

There are few things that have the massive reach and the power of influence like content. But all too often, marketers create content that misses its mark [by a long way] or lacks the relevance to resonate with their audience. But why is that? One reason is not many marketers take the time to build audience personas. Word to the wise, download the Persona QuickStart Guide [top right sidebar or below the post on mobile] to begin building your buyer persona.

That being said, I’d like to take a moment to define the criticalness of creating relevant content that resonates and how it can catapult your brand’s top-of-mind authority among your audience and reign supreme in every metric.

In a world where the amount of digital content created and disseminated has increased at a rate of 9 times higher than just 7 years ago, the fight for top-of-mind supremacy has never been fraught with more consequences. Putting that number into perspective, more than 27 million pieces of content is being shared daily – according to Nielsen.

Please take a moment to push-pin this to something so it’s always visible…

Relevant content - 2017

For marketers, relevant content adds significant value to their brand, increases their bottom line and heightens their equity as a trusted resource. But what exactly is relevant content? Is it content that expresses a distinct personality? Content that reaches its audience at an exact time? Or content that gets an immediate purchase? It could be all of these!

But the creation of relevant content has become a very complex science, oftentimes validated through granular metrics.

Ok. So you have the content, what’s next? How will you know if it’s relevant for your audience? How will you know who gets what content and what’ll happen once they read it.? How will you know if your audience’s interests change?…The list goes on. The mere thought of interpreting the data, understanding the personas, and scheduling the time, and having the energy to write personalized content places the mighty fear in many marketers. The “who,” “what,” “why,” “where,” and “when” equation has never been so connected.

That’s why many small businesses are turning to content automation to create the perfect content at the perfect time for the perfect audience. Content automation is most beneficial to businesses that lack the resources of a large team. [More about this in my next riveting post].

Let’s get back to this whole relevant, resonant thing…

For content to resonate you need to create resonance with your readers. Content resonance refers to the relationship that a reader has with your content and how well they can relate to it and be inspired by it. Its main purpose is to get that reader to trust you and for them to become an advocate for your content by spreading the word…literally.

Allow me to get a little Bob Dylan on this subject. Think of your readers as the musician and your content as the instrument. In order to create harmonic resonance with your readers, your instrument must be finely tuned to the musician’s ear — just like how your content must harmonize with the readers’ aspirations and be the catalyst for transformation. Content that resonates with readers makes them stop and take notice of that perfect tone! If you’re not a music fan or Dylan, here’s another example:

Imagine writing two posts, one on the mindful benefits of yoga and the other on advanced yoga positions. If you were to eblast the advanced yoga positions article, what percentage of your audience do you think will be inspired by it or is ready to learn advanced methods? Let me tell you, it’s a very small percentage. But by segmenting your lists into highly targeted “buckets,” each and every email/content will catch the eyes and attention of the respected audience because it’s relevant to where they’re at and will resonate because of that personalized attention.

There was a time when all you had to do was stuff a page with keywords and your content ranked on top of Google’s page. Those days, my friend, have long past. Google along with other search engines are continuously refining their algorithms so that evermore relevant, engaging content will occupy the top spots.

The path a customer takes during their buying journey and the demands for answers at each stage vary significantly from industry to industry and optimized for each content platform, like email, social, webinar, etc. There’s no linear direction or behavior to how consumers interact with brands or how they digest media.

Here’s where automation takes away all those pain points! Automation helps you understand these stages and affords you the power of science to be able to place the right content, at the right time, to the right audience…100% of the time. Sy bye bye to all those wasted hours with wasted reach.

The magical world of content marketing is yours to conquer. You can create content to respond to the topics that are most clicked, while not spending time crafting content on topics that your leads tell you they’re not interested in (because they didn’t click it, see?). Your leads will magically move from bucket to bucket because your content allows them to do it – and they’re doing it themselves. They declare their interests, and you respond. You walk them through the journey of becoming your customer.

Just take a moment and see how easy this whole scientific process can be with It’s tough out there, so you may need automation to level the marketing playing field.

Tune in next week as I unveil why marketing automation and content marketing is a match made in heaven.

But wait, there’s more. You may or may not know that the most important content vehicle is email. But in order for an email to do your content justice, it must adhere to the three cornerstones of deliverability. “What are the three?” you ask. Go read The Truth About Email Deliverability to answer this pressing question and to get the email deliverability ebook. Why not put yet another notch in your content belt.


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