This is not a myth: Email marketing is one of the highest returns-on-investment (ROI) of any online marketing strategy, producing $40 for every $1 spent. But – what that study doesn’t tell you is HOW email marketing produces such a high ROI.

It’s not just ANY email marketing that creates a great ROI.

In fact, there are some specific myths and misconceptions out there about email marketing, and in this webinar, we dispel them all – and set you up to actually realize that great ROI.

The webinar replay will only be available for a short time, but this blog post will live forever. In addition to our promised agenda, the webinar also provided some glimpses into, and lessons from, our curated collection of emails that live in our Email Marketing Hall of Shame.:)

In addition to our promised agenda, the webinar also provided some glimpses into, and lessons from, our curated collection of emails that live in our Email Marketing Hall of Shame. 🙂

How Your List-Based Targeting is Hampering Your Effectiveness

Remember when batch-and-blast was king? Or is it still king in your email marketing? Does your current email service providers (ESP) allow you to tailor what you send? Better find out before those leads slip away. Lists are hard to manage and easy to lose control of.

So, raise your hand if you know the difference between lead-based and list-based systems? If you still have both hands on the keyboard, you may be making a huge mistake when it comes to lead nurturing.

The harsh reality of ESPs is that they do not give you comprehensive, personalized information on your leads – there’s no full picture of what they’re doing, how they’re interacting with your content. Bummer, I know. If you do not know your leads’ behaviors and actions, how will you nurture them down your sales funnel?

The Differences between Autoresponders and Lead Nurturing

If only we had a quarter for every time we heard a marketer say, “But there’s no difference between an autoresponders and lead nurturing.” Our piggy bank would be filling up for sure! Stop thinking they are the same! This thought process impacts your lead engagement in a big way. Learn to identify how autoresponders set you up for lead-engagement failure, and how to recognize the dangers of list-based autoresponders. You can learn more about this topic in another blog post, Lead Nurturing and Autoresponders are NOT the Same.

How Your Email Copy Can Hurt Your Results

You’re probably thinking, “If my lead opened my email, that’s engagement, so what’s the issue?” Well, (spoiler alert) the metric that your lead opened an email doesn’t actually tell you that he or she read it (more on that below).

Your email is a gateway to metrics that really matter – metrics that measures your lead’s behavior and interest. Rather than putting everything you want to say, or an entire blog post for example, keep your email brief and provide a link to read more. This is a far more effective way to gauge interest than an open rate.

Metrics: Don’t Throw a Ticker Tape Parade for the Wrong Ones

What do you really know about key metrics? You’ve been reminded over and over of the big three: Opens, Clicks, and Opt-Outs. But really how reliable are these metrics? Can you tell what happens after the click? What pages on your site were visited? What forms were filled out? What events did the lead register to attend? What did your email actually cause to happen?

The more you know about behaviors the better off you’ll be at aligning personalized messages with those behaviors, and the more you’ll stay engaged with your lead throughout the buying process.

After watching this webinar, you’ll be able to incoporate key practices to become better equipped at our big three: listening to behaviors, providing value, and automating with purpose.


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