Frequently Asked Questions

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What packages and plugins does WP Marketing Engine replace?

This is a long list!  (Think:  no more plugin conflict hell!)

  1. Any platform, or email service provider,  you’re currently using to send emails – no longer needed, because you’ll send all of your emails through WP Marketing Engine – and you will know exactly what each email causes, even pages they visit that aren’t clicks in your email.
  2. Forms plugins – your forms will all be WP Marketing Engine forms, and they will feed directly to your centralized lead database, automatically. PLUS – you’ll be able to use forms on pages, or as pop-ups, depending on what you need to do.  NOTE:  we have plans to integrate with Gravity Forms due to their eCommerce tie for things like events, etc.
  3. Landing pages plugins – if you have a plugin specifically for landing pages, you won’t need it any more, because it will be SO EASY to create landing pages right inside WordPress and use WP Marketing Engine forms on your landing pages to instantly engage your leads. Our drag-and-drop Page Builder makes it simple to create your own templates (or modify ones we’ve included) and use them to create landing pages instantly.
  4. Sidebar plugins – WP Marketing Engine allows you have dynamic sidebars on posts and pages, simply by using the “allow dynamic CTA” capability. Insert content-specific calls-to-action (CTAs) on the posts and pages where they are most relevant, and watch your conversions go up and up.
  5. Event registration plugins – you won’t need these any more, because your event registrations can be done with WP Marketing Engine forms. Life gets even better if you’re doing webinars, because WP Marketing Engine Conversion Pro integrates directly to Go-to-Webinar to handle registrations, no-shows, attendees, and even poll results and questions, and all that information appears directly in each individual lead record. Too cool!
  6. List-building plugins – yes, there’s a whole category of plugins for list-building, but you won’t need any of them. With WP Marketing Engine, your list-building is done automatically – and all leads become part of your centralized lead database, with every detail about every action they’ve ever taken on your site and with your content.
  7. Document delivery plugins – document delivery is streamlined through email with WP Marketing Engine. You won’t have to worry about where to store your PDF download files, or how to get them into the inboxes of the leads who request them.
  8. Spreadsheet-based list management – you won’t need to export information to different spreadsheets and try to manage it ever again. Everything is kept in the centralized lead database, and you don’t have to manage it. You just get to ask it questions – search for leads, create saved searches, and more.
  9. Subscribe plugins – nope, you won’t need one of those either. With WP Marketing Engine, you’ll create a “Subscribe” CTA (call-to-action) that will feed your subscribers directly into your centralized lead database, so you can trigger email responses, nurturing sequences, and more – automatically.
How long will it take me to get up and running with WP Marketing Engine?

Not long at all! In fact, we have demo where we start with a brand new WordPress site, install the plugin, and create a fully-functional landing page in just fifteen minutes! You can see that demo here.

What kind of training is available to get me started?

Your purchase of WP Marketing Engine comes with a subscription to our Members site – at no additional cost. On the Members site, you will find full “Getting Started Training” as well as User Guides, Success Tips, and more. Our Pro Training includes more advanced training topics, such as “Building an Attractor” and “Creating Effective Headlines.”

We also offer a special “Start Your Engine” live training quick-start as an option when you purchase. This consists of three one-hour training sessions with one of our WPMktgEngine Mechanics for one VERY affordable fee.

How do I get support when I have questions?

WP Marketing Engine includes a subscription to our Members community, where we offer full forum-based support. Ask any question, and our WP Marketing Engine Mechanics (and the full WPMktgEngine community) are on it and will get you the answer pretty quickly. We also offer a Priority Support option, which is included for all on the Conversion Pro package. You can click into the Members page from inside your WP Marketing Engine, and there’s no additional login needed, so you don’t have to remember how to get there.

What is the refund policy if I decide WP Marketing Engine won’t work for me?

From the time you purchase WP Marketing Engine, you have a thirty-day money-back guarantee, so be sure you take advantage of all of our training, user guides, and tips and start your engine revving!

Is 1200% more leads a real number?

Yes, it is a real number – and we experienced it ourselves when we got better at offering attractors and content-specific calls-to-action. “Subscribe to our blog” just doesn’t cut it as a call to action (CTA), and we’ve proven that with our own results. Our experience as marketers, as well as our experience in the marketing automation industry, is why we created WP Marketing Engine, so you can experience the same results.

I have more than 15,000 leads, but I LOVE what I see in WP Marketing Engine!

If your active leads number – not counting opt-outs and bad emails in your current list – is over 15,000 leads, and you want to run your marketing from inside your WordPress admin, send us a note at

Leads Questions

Is a lead the same as a contact?

A lead is any single person for whom you have an email address who is being tracked in your WP Marketing Engine. Everyone is a lead, and there is no differentiation between contacts, customers, prospects, etc. in terms of how we refer to them. Any single lead can exist in different lead types or “buckets,” but remember, every lead exists in the system ONLY ONCE – so your view of a lead is comprehensive, complete, and actionable.

Does every lead count toward my lead limits?

Depending on which level of WP Marketing Engine you’ve chosen, you are limited to the number of leads you can manage and track: Inbound Pro – 2,500 leads, Engage Pro – 5,000 leads, and Conversion Pro – 15,000 leads. WP Marketing Engine counts only your REACHABLE leads in this number. Opt-outs and bad emails, while still managed, do not count toward your package’s lead limit.

What happens if I exceed my package’s lead limit?

When you add leads that take you beyond the lead limit for your package, the system will automatically offer you the opportunity to upgrade to the next package up – for Inbound Pro and Engage Pro only. If you have the Conversion Pro package, and you exceed 15,000 reachable leads, you’ll receive an email from one of our awesome WP Marketing Engine mechanics, asking you how you would like to move forward. Your WP Marketing Engine will continue to run for you while you are deciding what to do.

Can I import leads easily from other systems?

Yes! Importing leads is simple. When you switch to WP Marketing Engine from another system, you’ll want to import your existing lead lists as well as your opt-out lists. This is covered by our Getting Started video. If you get a new list – like from a trade show or a conference, you can import any CSV file at any time. Easy-peezy!

Will I know how many leads I have in WPMktgEngine? I don’t right now in aweber across all my lists..

Yes, you will always know how many total leads you have AND how many of them are reachable – meaning they are not bad emails and have not opted-out. You will also know, for every lead type (which is simply a grouping of leads according to how you want to organize them, in case you haven’t read any other FAQs yet) how many leads are in that lead type and how many of those leads have bad emails.

Marketing Questions

What is lead nurturing?

Lead nurturing is sending a series of emails to a lead based upon their activity; their behavior.  For example, lead nurturing allows you to trigger leads into a nurturing sequence (with emails that are sent on specific days after the triggering action is taken – like they visited a page, downloaded a file, shared you on social, attended a webinar, etc.).  With WPMktgengine you can start someone into a nurturing sequence, and when they take the action you want, you suspend and can trigger into a different nurturing sequence – as one way to think about it — and/or you can totally control through our Smart rules and actions, which give you even more power.

Aren’t auto-responders the same as lead nurturing?

No, they’re not the same. This gets confusing because many people use the terms interchangeably – and many email service providers like you to think that auto-responders are the same as nurturing leads – because they DON’T DO actual lead nurturing. Read this blog post and this blog post (each will open in a new tab) for more information about the differences.

What does “batch-and-blast” mean?

It refers to the practice of batching up all of your leads and blasting the same email out to all of them, regardless of their interests. It’s pretty much standard practice for people using Email Service Providers like Constant Contact – where you have one or more lists, and whatever you send goes to everyone in the list.  Here’s the thing: batch-and-blast emailing is falling on increasingly deaf ears. It is not a tactic that gets you the best results.  By sending the same email to your entire list every time, you are hurting yourself – because people will disengage with your emails, and your email reputation will decrease, which means that fewer and fewer of your emails will make it into their intended inboxes over time. If batch-and-blast IS your email strategy, your results will continue to scale downward.

You talk about “attractors.” Are they the same as “lead magnets?”

They sure are! Some people also call them “ethical bribes,” because you are offering valuable content in exchange for a site visitor’s email address. No matter what you call them, attractors are valuable bits of content that are behind a “gate” – a form that your site visitor must fill out in order to access that content. (Also remember that your sales literature should NEVER be behind a gate. It should be freely available on your site.) Highly valuable gated content (attractors) is one of the BEST ways to get site visitors to become leads.

Metrics and Knowledge

What email metrics are included?

The specific question we got was “do you track open rates.” We do – and so much more. Like most email platforms and marketing automation platforms, we track the standard metrics – # of opens, # of opt-outs, # of clicks, and # of unique clicks (plus the percentage values of each against the # of recipients) – but we go “beyond the click” to show you everything that was CAUSED by a particular email – what pages were visited, what forms were filled out, what events they registered into – everything, all in the metrics screen for a single email. PLUS – you can drill down from any of those metrics TO THE LEAD LEVEL.

For example, say you send an email invitation to a webinar to a list of 1000 people. In the email metrics screen for that email, you see that you’ve had 379 page views. Click on the page views and see the pages that people are visiting. Obviously most of them will be to the registration page, but – SURPRISE – there are 97 page views on your pricing page (which was NOT a link provided in your email).  Well, click once more and get the list of every lead who visited the pricing page, and trigger them right into a nurturing sequence from there if you like. Very powerful capabilities – far beyond the standard opens and clicks that you get from other solutions.

What information is tracked about my leads?

With WPMktgEngine’s centralized lead database, you have full visibility within each lead’s record on EVERY activity they’ve taken, from what emails they’ve received to how they answered a poll in a webinar (with the Go-to-Webinar integration installed, of course). Lead activities tracked include, among other things – page visits, which pages were visited, forms filled out, time spent on your site, nurturing sequences sent, downloads taken, lead types they’re in, and much more. You can also create and capture CUSTOM information about your leads. In addition to all that, our social augmentation feature even finds a lead’s social media profile and incorporates it into the lead record. Your lead’s complete profile is in one place, in one system.

Performance & Functionality

Does WPMktgEngine work with Lead Pages?

Yes, it does. When you create a lead capture form, you can grab the form HTML and use it in your lead page.  We’ve done this a lot without incident.  As we build up the users on WPMktgEngine, we should be able to influence LeadPages to integrate with us directly.  Help us out and ask them if it’s in their plans because you’d like it!

HOWEVER – our drag-and-drop Page Builder means you don’t have to keep your LeadPages subscription if you don’t want to.

Is the software reliable?

Genoo has been reliably delivering marketing automation software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to SMB customers since 2008.  WPMktgEngine is our newest offering that is accessed entirely from within WordPress.  The technology behind WPMktgEngine is not new — we run about 30+ servers at last count in our cloud environment… so your leads and emails, etc. are there — not in your WordPress install — so it’s a light footprint on your WordPress implementation – no worries for shared hosting!

Does WPMktgEngine have built-in e-commerce capabilities?

Rather than building our own, WPMktgEngine integrates with tried-and-true e-commerce systems, including Woo Commerce and WP Commerce, with additional integrations (including JVZoo) to be released in Spring 2016. Choosing the integration route rather than the build-it route allows you to have more capabilities. You can integrate multiple e-commerce engines into your site, if your business calls for that – so you could be selling products through Woo and managing affiliates in JVZoo, for example. All of the activities from the e-commerce platform(s) are tracked within the lead’s record – one place for all orders, order values, and more, right along with that lead’s interest profile and responses to your marketing outreach.

Can I install WPMktgEngine on multiple WordPress sites?

Yes, WPMktgEngine Conversion Pro can be installed on up to ten different WordPress sites. As long as the total number of active leads in your WPMktgEngine account does not exceed 15,000, you sure can.

How do you handle duplicate email addresses?

The specific question referred to migrating to WPMktgEngine from a current email service provider, and yes, if you’re coming to WPMktgEngine from one of those list-centric providers, your exports of your lead lists may well lead to duplicate email addresses. WPMktgEngine de-duplicates the lead list based on email address, so we won’t import a lead more than once (but we WILL update a lead if new information is included in subsequent imports – which you want).

The other situation that occurs is that a lead in your system might have two different email addresses. If that happens, you can merge those lead records together and identify the lead’s primary email address to which your emails will be sent.

Email Delivery is important – will WPMktgEngine have good inbox delivery?

Great Question!!  WPMktgEngine maintains a full email sending server cloud.  We actively manage and monitor our email servers, and have an email sending reputation that is 4 points higher than any of our competitors, with a sender score of 98.4 (out of 100).

But there are THREE main factors to your emails making it to the inbox, and sending server reputation is only one of the three.  Here are the other two:

  • Your Domain reputation (taken from the from-address) – ISPs such as Google (gmail represents almost 60% of most lists) look up your website quality score, and if you don’t have a website, or you have a low quality score, your email may not reach the inbox, but go directly to spam (some marketing tools companies are trying to convince you that you don’t need your own website anymore.  This is bad advice).
  • Engagement – are recipients reading your emails (meaning, are they opening and clicking through, or replying)?  This will vary on a recipient-by-recipient basis.  But having better engagement is becoming a MUST for maintaining inbox delivery.

There are more nuances, but these are the big three factors that influence your email delivery.  WPMktgEngine has you covered on the first one, and the tools and intel we provide on lead activity and interests make it easy to target and segment as tightly as you need, to ensure great engagement.

What themes does WP Marketing Engine work with?

WP Marketing Engine is theme-agnostic; it works with just about any theme out there. Of course, you want a well-written theme, so choose one with good reviews, a good update history, and good support and documentation.

Can I integrate WP Marketing Engine to a CRM system?

WP Marketing Engine does not currently include any integration capability to CRM systems.  If you need to integrate to Salesforce or to another CRM package, or if you want CRM capabilities in your marketing automation platform, you’ll want to look at Genoo Marketing Automation at (will open in a new tab).

Switching to WPMktgEngine (Migrations)

Will you help me migrate to WPMktgEngine if I don’t want to do it myself?

Yes, we likely can. We’ll need to know some specifics about your situation. Drop us a line at and let us know you’d like to talk about migrating.

Is it easy to migrate from Constant Contact to WPMktgEngine?

Yes, it is very easy. In fact, this recipe can be used for migration from just about any email service provider to WPMktgEngine. While all of these steps are covered in detail in the Getting Started Training (you’ll access after purchasing), here’s the quick list:

  1. Export all of your lead lists into CSV files, including your opt-out list
  2. Import the CSV files into WPMktgEngine
  3. Test-send yourself any current emails you’re sending out of Constant Contact (like autoresponder emails)
  4. Quickly create those emails in WPMktgEngine using our included templates (and you can copy/paste text)

With those simple steps, you will have everything you need to start experiencing using all of the features of WPMktgEngine.

Do I need to switch my forms to WPMktgEngine?

You’ll want to, because your forms will automatically and immediately feed your lead database, and can be used to automatically trigger a variety of actions on your part – like sending an email, starting someone into a nurturing sequence, notifying other members of your team, or offering a specific download, trial, event or other item that you know will be interesting to that lead based on the form he or she filled out. Powerful!


It is really simple to create forms in WPMktgEngine that you can then put on any page, into any post, or use in any call-to-action (CTA) that you create. You can even use custom fields on your forms, so if you need to know if someone says “tom-ay-to” or “tom-ah-to,” you can ask them on a form, and that information will become part of the lead detail in your centralized lead database.


Forms created in WPMktgEngine follow your site CSS – so they’ll look the way you want them to look with no extra work on your part.

I have so much time invested in InfusionSoft, but … HELP!

We got this question from a boatload of people, in one form or another, with one common thread – people have spent days and days getting InfusionSoft all set up, and, with all that time invested, contemplating a switch to another system seems overwhelming. (Candidly, a number of people also shared that, even after spending tons of time, they’ve never gotten InfusionSoft set up correctly.)


We get it. The “power of time invested” is one of the toughest things to overcome. It’s why some people date way longer than they should, or stick with a dead-end job, or even why people watch a terrible movie all the way to the end. You’ve got all that time invested, so it’s hard to give up on it, right?


Here’s what we can tell you. You will NOT spend days and days getting WPMktgEngine set up. Because it includes so many capabilities already inside it, you won’t need to add on other plugins, you won’t need to leave your WordPress admin panel, and you WON’T have emails sent out with this as the from address: on behalf of Your Name <> (a pet peeve here).


Only you can decide if it’s time to turn off that terrible movie. We can only tell you that there’s a great movie playing on another channel right now.

How do my lead lists in Mail Chimp migrate to WPMktgEngine?
[NOTE: This answer applies to any list-based email service provider, including Constant Contact, aweber, and Mail Chimp.]


WPMktgEngine is lead-based, not list-based, and every lead in WPMktgEngine exists only once. You can easily group leads into what we call “Lead Types” (and then you can do cool things like have a lead type trigger a sequence of emails).


Here’s the easiest way to migrate from a list-based system into WPMktgEngine:


  1. Export each list from your list-based system into its own CSV file.
  2. Create a lead type in WPMktgEngine to mirror each list in Mail Chimp (or other list-based system) – assuming you want to keep them all.
  3. Import each CSV file into the corresponding lead type in WPMktgEngine.

You’ll end up with a single lead record for each lead, and at the bottom of the Lead Details screen, you’ll see every lead type that lead is in.


This is all explained fully in our Getting Started Training, which you’ll access after setting up your WPMktgEngine account.

Will I know how many leads I have in WPMktgEngine? I don’t right now in aweber across all my lists..

Yes, you will always know how many total leads you have AND how many of them are reachable – meaning they are not bad emails and have not opted-out. You will also know, for every lead type (which is simply a grouping of leads according to how you want to organize them, in case you haven’t read any other FAQs yet) how many leads are in that lead type and how many of those leads have bad emails.

Technical Questions

Does WPMktgEngine Run on WP Multisite?

Short answer, yes, it does.

Is WPMktgEngine multi-lingual? Can I use it on sites with different, or more than one language?

The admin for WPMktgEngine is in English but your emails, lead capture forms, and required field messages can all be customized in your language. Same with emails, and your opt out page.

Will WPMktgEngine Support UTF-8?

We support UTF-8.  We currently have customers who send newsletters in Spanish, Russian, German, and Portuguese and do not have any issues.

Will WPMktgEngine cause conflicts in my WordPress implementation?

WPMktgEngine has no known conflicts with current/recent WordPress versions, and works with all modern & up-to-date themes.  Our unique plugin/cloud architecture keeps the footprint within your WordPress hosting account very lightweight, keeping your leads and campaigns secure in the cloud, while allowing you full access and management from within your WordPress admin.

Where can I find the JVZoo WPMktgEngine extension?

In your WordPress Admin, go to Plugins > Add Plugin, then search for “wpmktgengine jvzoo” and it should pop right up. Install and activate and you’ll be all set.

Please note, you must be a WPMktgEngine customer to install and activate our extensions successfully.

I’m not on WordPress. Can I use WP Marketing Engine?

No, you can’t. WP Marketing Engine requires that you have a hosted WordPress site or blog. If you are not running WordPress, you may be interested in our flagship marketing automation solution at

How does WP Marketing Engine impact my current WordPress hosting?

It doesn’t! WP Marketing Engine has very low impact on your current WordPress hosting. We are a very lightweight plugin that runs almost entirely in the cloud. Most of WPMktgEngine’s capabilities, like lead management, email campaigns, and lead nurturing, do not run on your system nor on your WordPress hosting environment, but run in our cloud environment, and your emails send off of our email sending cloud.

What about does not allow you to install plugins. You must be on a hosted site for WP Marketing Engine to work for you.