Email Delivery is important – will WPMktgEngine have good inbox delivery?

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Great Question!!  WPMktgEngine maintains a full email sending server cloud.  We actively manage and monitor our email servers, and have an email sending reputation that is 4 points higher than any of our competitors, with a sender score of 98.4 (out of 100).

But there are THREE main factors to your emails making it to the inbox, and sending server reputation is only one of the three.  Here are the other two:

  • Your Domain reputation (taken from the from-address) – ISPs such as Google (gmail represents almost 60% of most lists) look up your website quality score, and if you don’t have a website, or you have a low quality score, your email may not reach the inbox, but go directly to spam (some marketing tools companies are trying to convince you that you don’t need your own website anymore.  This is bad advice).
  • Engagement – are recipients reading your emails (meaning, are they opening and clicking through, or replying)?  This will vary on a recipient-by-recipient basis.  But having better engagement is becoming a MUST for maintaining inbox delivery.

There are more nuances, but these are the big three factors that influence your email delivery.  WPMktgEngine has you covered on the first one, and the tools and intel we provide on lead activity and interests make it easy to target and segment as tightly as you need, to ensure great engagement.

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