How do I get support when I have questions?

By December 14, 2015 No Comments

WP Marketing Engine includes a subscription to our Members community, where we offer full forum-based support. Ask any question, and our WP Marketing Engine Mechanics (and the full WPMktgEngine community) are on it and will get you the answer pretty quickly. We also offer a Priority Support option, which is included for all on the Conversion Pro package. You can click into the Members page from inside your WP Marketing Engine, and there’s no additional login needed, so you don’t have to remember how to get there.

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Margaret is a business and technology veteran who started marketing accidentally nearly three decades ago - when she was five and a true marketing prodigy (ahem). When not coming up with awesome ideas, presenting webinars, or teaching about marketing, she's living with two cats, a crotchety fellow, and a house full of antiques and collectibles. She does not use Pinterest.

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