How do my lead lists in Mail Chimp migrate to WPMktgEngine?

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[NOTE: This answer applies to any list-based email service provider, including Constant Contact, aweber, and Mail Chimp.]


WPMktgEngine is lead-based, not list-based, and every lead in WPMktgEngine exists only once. You can easily group leads into what we call “Lead Types” (and then you can do cool things like have a lead type trigger a sequence of emails).


Here’s the easiest way to migrate from a list-based system into WPMktgEngine:


  1. Export each list from your list-based system into its own CSV file.
  2. Create a lead type in WPMktgEngine to mirror each list in Mail Chimp (or other list-based system) – assuming you want to keep them all.
  3. Import each CSV file into the corresponding lead type in WPMktgEngine.

You’ll end up with a single lead record for each lead, and at the bottom of the Lead Details screen, you’ll see every lead type that lead is in.


This is all explained fully in our Getting Started Training, which you’ll access after setting up your WPMktgEngine account.

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