I have so much time invested in InfusionSoft, but … HELP!

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We got this question from a boatload of people, in one form or another, with one common thread – people have spent days and days getting InfusionSoft all set up, and, with all that time invested, contemplating a switch to another system seems overwhelming. (Candidly, a number of people also shared that, even after spending tons of time, they’ve never gotten InfusionSoft set up correctly.)


We get it. The “power of time invested” is one of the toughest things to overcome. It’s why some people date way longer than they should, or stick with a dead-end job, or even why people watch a terrible movie all the way to the end. You’ve got all that time invested, so it’s hard to give up on it, right?


Here’s what we can tell you. You will NOT spend days and days getting WPMktgEngine set up. Because it includes so many capabilities already inside it, you won’t need to add on other plugins, you won’t need to leave your WordPress admin panel, and you WON’T have emails sent out with this as the from address:  mailer@infusionmail.com on behalf of Your Name <youremail@yourdomain.com> (a pet peeve here).


Only you can decide if it’s time to turn off that terrible movie. We can only tell you that there’s a great movie playing on another channel right now.

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