What does “batch-and-blast” mean?

By February 27, 2016 No Comments

It refers to the practice of batching up all of your leads and blasting the same email out to all of them, regardless of their interests. It’s pretty much standard practice for people using Email Service Providers like Constant Contact – where you have one or more lists, and whatever you send goes to everyone in the list.  Here’s the thing: batch-and-blast emailing is falling on increasingly deaf ears. It is not a tactic that gets you the best results.  By sending the same email to your entire list every time, you are hurting yourself – because people will disengage with your emails, and your email reputation will decrease, which means that fewer and fewer of your emails will make it into their intended inboxes over time. If batch-and-blast IS your email strategy, your results will continue to scale downward.

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