What email metrics are included?

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The specific question we got was “do you track open rates.” We do – and so much more. Like most email platforms and marketing automation platforms, we track the standard metrics – # of opens, # of opt-outs, # of clicks, and # of unique clicks (plus the percentage values of each against the # of recipients) – but we go “beyond the click” to show you everything that was CAUSED by a particular email – what pages were visited, what forms were filled out, what events they registered into – everything, all in the metrics screen for a single email. PLUS – you can drill down from any of those metrics TO THE LEAD LEVEL.

For example, say you send an email invitation to a webinar to a list of 1000 people. In the email metrics screen for that email, you see that you’ve had 379 page views. Click on the page views and see the pages that people are visiting. Obviously most of them will be to the registration page, but – SURPRISE – there are 97 page views on your pricing page (which was NOT a link provided in your email).  Well, click once more and get the list of every lead who visited the pricing page, and trigger them right into a nurturing sequence from there if you like. Very powerful capabilities – far beyond the standard opens and clicks that you get from other solutions.

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