What packages and plugins does WP Marketing Engine replace?

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This is a long list!  (Think:  no more plugin conflict hell!)

  1. Any platform, or email service provider,  you’re currently using to send emails – no longer needed, because you’ll send all of your emails through WP Marketing Engine – and you will know exactly what each email causes, even pages they visit that aren’t clicks in your email.
  2. Forms plugins – your forms will all be WP Marketing Engine forms, and they will feed directly to your centralized lead database, automatically. PLUS – you’ll be able to use forms on pages, or as pop-ups, depending on what you need to do.  NOTE:  we have plans to integrate with Gravity Forms due to their eCommerce tie for things like events, etc.
  3. Landing pages plugins – if you have a plugin specifically for landing pages, you won’t need it any more, because it will be SO EASY to create landing pages right inside WordPress and use WP Marketing Engine forms on your landing pages to instantly engage your leads. Our drag-and-drop Page Builder makes it simple to create your own templates (or modify ones we’ve included) and use them to create landing pages instantly.
  4. Sidebar plugins – WP Marketing Engine allows you have dynamic sidebars on posts and pages, simply by using the “allow dynamic CTA” capability. Insert content-specific calls-to-action (CTAs) on the posts and pages where they are most relevant, and watch your conversions go up and up.
  5. Event registration plugins – you won’t need these any more, because your event registrations can be done with WP Marketing Engine forms. Life gets even better if you’re doing webinars, because WP Marketing Engine Conversion Pro integrates directly to Go-to-Webinar to handle registrations, no-shows, attendees, and even poll results and questions, and all that information appears directly in each individual lead record. Too cool!
  6. List-building plugins – yes, there’s a whole category of plugins for list-building, but you won’t need any of them. With WP Marketing Engine, your list-building is done automatically – and all leads become part of your centralized lead database, with every detail about every action they’ve ever taken on your site and with your content.
  7. Document delivery plugins – document delivery is streamlined through email with WP Marketing Engine. You won’t have to worry about where to store your PDF download files, or how to get them into the inboxes of the leads who request them.
  8. Spreadsheet-based list management – you won’t need to export information to different spreadsheets and try to manage it ever again. Everything is kept in the centralized lead database, and you don’t have to manage it. You just get to ask it questions – search for leads, create saved searches, and more.
  9. Subscribe plugins – nope, you won’t need one of those either. With WP Marketing Engine, you’ll create a “Subscribe” CTA (call-to-action) that will feed your subscribers directly into your centralized lead database, so you can trigger email responses, nurturing sequences, and more – automatically.

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