Our own Kim Albee takes her marketing automation expertise and migrates north to meet up with online business guru Derek Gehl, Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, Author, Speaker, and Coach — pretty much pro everything when it comes to marketing. Believe me, when I say this podcast will heat up your marketing strategies and help grow your lead base, it’s an understatement. These two great minds expose online marketing secrets no one else is telling you about.

Derek invited Kim on his recent podcast so he could pick one of the most respected minds in marketing automation. Kim delves deeply into her answers in response to Derek’s questions about how she has been able to fill the technology void between mom-and-pop mailers and “Infusionsoft level” software with our powerful, cloud-based/ WordPress plug-in.  And they said it couldn’t be done, especially for the price!

Derek Gehl is not your average podcast host or small business owner. Oh no! He is recognized around the world as a top-tier entrepreneur, Internet marketer, author, speaker, and coach. Coincidentally, these adjectives are interchangeable with Kim’s many accomplishments. You know what they say “birds of a feather…

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These two online marketing mavens agree “The money’s in the list.” Now you may have heard this two-cent tagline, but do you know how to take this tagline and grow leads so your business is thriving in a list-topia world?

You should know if you’re a small-business owner! Competition is fierce out there!

Derek and Kim’s online marketing vision intersect at the development of a website with a whole new level of tracking. Derek loves the approach Kim has taken with WPMktgEngine to solve many marketing tech hurdles and believes it’s the future of online marketing. Here are some key takeaways from the podcast:

Top 5 Things You’ll Uncover to Capture More Leads:
• Find out if you’re a “Church Group Mailer”?
• How to think outside the CTA box.
• The majority of bloggers have no idea they are falling into this trap.
• What are the two critical questions to ask yourself before publishing a blog post.
• Are you asking the right things on your CTAs?

CTAs – The Other Marketing Meat:
• Are you committing this mortal CTA sin?
• Do you have this type of CTA on ALL your pages?
• How you can boost engagement 1000% by using creative CTA states.
• Don’t make CTAs throwaways.
• CTAs: Pop-up, push-down or slide-in? What’s best?

How Responsive Are Your Ads:
• Is your content responsive?
• Do you know the differences among Tablet, mobile, and desktop responsiveness?
• Does your platform know the behaviors of your leads?
• Do your ads resize based on device?

After watching this podcast, you’ll be able to incorporate key practices to become better equipped at growing your lead base.

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