Turn Your WordPress Site
Into a Marketing Machine!

Get Leads. Grow Your Business.

We’ve created this FREE training for marketing on WordPress because we are like most small business – tired of the short end of the stick, bandaid solutions, and bad advice. We expose the real flow of online marketing- how you attract visitors, keep them on your site, and ultimately engage with them – in ways that MAKE SENSE for your business.

Take this course if you are:

Disappointed with marketing results from ‘shiny object makers’ or expensive ‘marketing experts’?

Tired of wasting time cobbling together multiple plugins to get the integrated marketing solution you need with WordPress?

Lacking the tools you need in order to turn your website into a marketing engine for your business?

Craving more leads, better conversion, and more customers?

Experienced with email marketing, and you feel like it’s time to rev things up for more sustainable results?

About your instructor:

Kim Albee

Founder and President

WP Marketing Engine Founder and President Kim Albee has over 30 years of experience designing software and running businesses. Her passion is helping small and midsize businesses level the competitive playing field by creating processes and tools that are easy to use and that help companies attract more prospects and close more sales.

Kim has spoken at both national and international marketing conferences and events, and has an online marketing certification course published through the Online Marketing Institute. Kim has worked with organizations such as Minneapolis Star Tribune, Wells Fargo, Verisign Global Registry Services, and Yahoo!. She has been named a Top 20 Digital Marketing Strategist in both 2014 & 2015.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

The Reality of Email Marketing – Pushing vs. Conversing?

We’re digging deep into email marketing – and you may be surprised by what you see. You will understand the possibilities AND the pitfalls in a way you never have before – the unknown issues – even dangers – that come along with the most popular and affordable email platforms available to small business marketers today, and we talk in detail about the three BIG challenges that marketers MUST overcome today!

The Flow of Online Marketing – and why it doesn’t work for most marketers

In “Push or Converse?,” Kim showed you two different scenarios for email marketing – the way most marketers do it, and the way you COULD do it. Now join Kim for a candid conversation about what is REALLY going on – how you can make the Flow of Online Marketing work for you  – how the scenario you want lays right into it, and how you can start making it happen for your business.

Attract Leads, Get Their Info – and ENGAGE

The only formula you’ll ever need – that’s what you’ll find in this video, and, if you take it to heart, when combined with the other information we’ve shared, your marketing can take your business to new places – and, most importantly, give you BACK the time and energy that you need to continue to invest in your real passion – the whole reason you’re in business to begin with – the difference that you are making in the world. This video pulls everything together – and you’ll clearly see how life can change for the better.