How Survey Funnels Increase Lead Generation

Do you find yourself wanting and needing more leads?  More qualified leads that might have a chance at turning into customers?

There’s a new technique that is gaining traction with more and more companies.  It’s a simple technique to implement, can help save you time and provide much needed focus for your marketing efforts too.

The concept is simple.  ASK your perfect potential customer questions.  Then, listen to what they say, and provide messaging that shows you listened.  The winning formula works in human-to-human, in-person interactions, and it also works in the digital arena.  So far, only about 15 percent of marketers are employing these techniques.  So the game is wide open for those willing to dive in and test the waters for yourself.

There are THREE different techniques for implementing this strategy:

  1.  2-step forms,
  2. a Survey,
  3. an Assessment.

They can be used independently or together.

Let’s explore a 2-step form

It looks something like the form below (go ahead and give it a try):

2-Step form... give it a try...

Getting my emails opened
Getting clickthroughs
Sustaining my lead engagement over time
Understanding how my emails are impacting results

By checking out how survey funnels work by completing this 2-step form, we would like you to confirm that you consent to also receiving emails from us about

  • An invitation to complete the follow-on survey based on the challenge you identified while completing this form,
  • additional emails about list building and how to engage your leads.

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In Step 1 – we ask you a question about yourself and your situation, relative to the domain we’re providing a solution about (in our example above, it’s about email marketing).  The visitor selects from the available choices, the one most matching his or her situation, and clicks to continue.

And that brings up Step 2 — where we ask for your contact information.

What’s so cool about this?  Well, believe it or not, it’s psychology.  When we see a lead capture form, our alert goes up… and we are wary.  But when we see a question, that doesn’t happen — we engage with it differently… so we answer the question more readily, and then we go on to the lead capture form – but our defenses are already down, and we’re more likely to also complete the lead capture form.

I’ll prove it with some results from a recent webinar we ran.  We had a form very much like the form above — and you linked to it from our Webinar opt-in page.  That page had a 72% conversion rate on average, across our invite lists.  That means that almost 3 out of 4 people who visited our opt-in page, opted into the webinar.  I don’t know about you, but I LOVE those numbers :-).

That brings us to the second tactic:  A Survey.

You might know of survey tools like SurveyMonkey, SurveyGizmo, and others — and you may or may not have used any of these tools in the past.  Here’s the thing – they can be super great ways to put your ear to the ground and find out information that will help your marketing and content development efforts – and that translates directly into your email marketing efforts also.

The added benefit is that they can be used as lead generation and list building tools very effectively.  Especially when combined with a terrific download offer at the end of the survey that would have the responder complete the lead capture form that you’ve inserted at the end of the survey.  A reward in exchange for a bit of their time and for sharing their perspective.

Use surveys to increase lead generationHere’s a tip:  Keep it to 6 questions or less, and make sure you have at least one open ended question that will allow your responder to tell you how it is for them.  Such as “What is your biggest [insert focus area] challenge?”  Be sure that you make the text box deep enough to elicit a longer response — because this is where you’ll get marketing message GOLD.  Multiple choice questions are great, but they don’t give you the messaging insights — the insights that give you a glimpse into your lead’s head — so don’t ignore the value of this type of question.

Again, on a recent webinar, as people registered for the webinar, they received an email about 5 minutes after they registered, that asked for their help – and took them to a survey where they could provide us with their situation and experience – so we could make sure their issues were addressed in the webinar.

Of course not everyone will complete the survey – but out of the 235 people who registered for the webinar, we had 50 responses.  It provided us with a ton of great information and insights about our audience.  We could see common threads, and that allowed us to tailor our webinar as we delivered it.

Webinar attendance rates average around 35% — and we had a 45% attendance rate on that webinar.

Oh! remember at the beginning of this post, I said the key is to ask, listen, and provide messaging that is a response to what they told you?

Well, the email they received asking them for their help, as well as the specific survey we linked to — were all geared to how they answered the initial question on the 2-step opt-in form.  Yes, it took a bit more setup time, but it was all automated — so once we opened the webinar for registration, there was zero work on our part – it was all part of our webinar registration and pre-webinar engagement “funnel.”

And finally, there’s the Assessment

Similar to a survey, but the final page, after they’ve provided their lead information, gives them a customized result — yep! customized content, based upon how they answered the individual questions.

[NOTE to those of you who completed the 2-step form above… check your inbox for an email from me – then come back and continue reading …].

You could call it a Grader, or a Quiz — like a Personality Quiz, or What type of boss are you? assessment… where at the end, you have some insights about them and what they could pay attention to or improve on (which varies based upon how they answered the questions).  Asking your responders to share it with their friends and/or colleagues will help spread the message, and increase your lead generation efforts.  Especially if you make your assessment both fun and meaningful.

Social media is a great place to post about your grader or quiz with a link to where people can take it.

If you completed the 2-Step form at the beginning of this post, and you received the follow-on email – click through the link in the email and go through the questionnaire we link to you.  When you get to the end (and like I coached in this blog post, it’s pretty short), you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Don’t be shy – explore the different survey possibilities.  Once you experience them, you can start getting creative about how you can leverage them to your advantage.

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