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Do you want off of the time-for-money treadmill?   I want to share with you something that anyone who is a consultant, or coach, software company, or if you offer professional services could benefit from.  It’s the path we’ve started down, that will add more value for our customers and expand our reach.

Are you tired of trading time for money?

I remember when I was working for a consulting agency – I founded their Internet practice, and we worked with organizations on implementing their digital strategy – these were large companies, and we worked with them to strategize and implement super targeted online strategies in specific niche markets – like Hog Farming.  We created a community for hog farmers back in the 90’s, believe it or not — and it beat it’s best business case in the first three years it was in operation.

I had a lot of fun and provided great value for my customers, but no matter how you slice it, consulting is a time-for-money trade.  You spend X hours, you get paid Y dollars.  And there is a ceiling.  There are only so many hours in a day, and so many days in a year.

I’ve always been interested in how I could break free from that time-for-money paradigm — and starting Genoo was my first step in that direction – we’re a software as a service company, right?  As we’ve grown Genoo, I’ve had a bigger vision in play than just assembling terrific, industry-leading software.

Make Your Life Easier And Be More Effective

My MAIN motivation is to make life easier for entrepreneurs and small businesses.  Not just offering software, but also showing people and working with people to get it optimized and working for them — not just how to use the features, but how to strategize their marketing, and how they utilize email and automation to actually be more effective and serve their customers and leads more easily.

So, one of the things that naturally started up was our professional services arm of the business — and it turns out that with all the different options out there for what people could do – well the world has gotten a whole lot more confusing — so professional services are a great and super lucrative way to help our customers get the edge on their competition.

But it’s a time-for-money game.  There are only so many people you can serve in that way – and if you’re a solopreneur or an independent consultant – you only have so much time, so your earning potential is capped.

What Is Your Escape Path?

As we grappled with how to serve and support a greater number of entrepreneurs and small-to-midsize businesses, we began to look at the processes and practices that we had honed in our professional services work.

Specifically there are TWO core things that we’ve built some killer processes around – The first one is Creating a kick-butt content strategy process that carves out your place in the market and is straight forward to implement — because content is EVERYTHING in marketing today — it’s the number one issue for businesses to crack the code on.  And too many content strategies just don’t deliver results for their businesses.  On top of that, given our market focus on entrepreneurs and small businesses, we had to figure out how to deliver a kick-ass, jaw-dropping content strategy in a way that our customers could afford.

We spent over three years, and countless hours, perfecting the process with customers.  And we did it!  If you’re a consultant or deliver professional services – it is completely and utterly rewarding when you deliver the strategy, and your customer is literally delighted beyond words.   I watch HGTV – love Chip and Joanna Gaines – if you’ve watched their show, Fixer Upper, you’ve seen when they’re delivering the finished remodeled house – and they pull back the big banner of what the house used to look like to reveal the remodel, right?  And EVERY TIME you see the awe and joy on the faces of their clients.  It’s like THAT!  There is nothing like it.

So that is one thing we provide — and I’m sure that if you look, you also have a process, a formula, a system that you take your customers through — of course always customized to THEIR needs specifically, right?  But if you look, you utilize that same process, system, formula across many clients — and get the results, right?  These are the processes, systems, or formulas that are RIPE for leveraging in a different way — to get you out of the time-for-money business.

The SECOND area we have built a ton of expertise is around Email Marketing and Automation.  That likely comes as no surprise … we have the most comprehensive set of tools in that arena in the entrepreneurial and small to midsize business space… they compete really really well with much more expensive tools that target larger companies.

We started offering email marketing coaching and professional services to help our customers get the most out of their email marketing efforts.  Again – we had to develop practices and processes that achieved the engagement — taking into account the full capabilities — and the CHALLENGES of assembling an email program — not the least of which is the time to figure out your CONTENT.  (now you see why we have a killer content strategy process, right?!).

As we started to examine our commitment around enabling great marketing practices, we also started to look at how we could reach MORE people, expand the difference we can make and empower more entrepreneurs and small to midsize businesses.

So what did we do to start shifting the time-for-money trade?  We created TWO courses.  We call them ContentZAP Academy and Email Expert Academy.  The first one puts everything, our ENTIRE process for creating and delivering a content strategy.  A process that we continue to refine and deliver jaw-dropping results — literally into an online course.

The next one was putting our entire email engagement blueprint and strategy, that we work with clients on a professional services basis into an online course that walks people right through step-by-step so they can build their own email engagement engine.  We went super in-depth and included tutorials and more so we could guarantee that students could get this implemented.

We launched each one — and now have students moving through our training programs.

What’s Your Secret Sauce?

So, my question for you today — is that if you are serving customers one at a time and want to shift your time-for-money reality into a different reality – identify just ONE process that you go through to deliver your results for your clients today – just make an outline or a list of what you do to deliver those results.  And start to consider whether you could create an online, video-based class to teach others how to implement it.

There are some resources coming up that I’ll be sharing to get your next steps — but here’s one last little note on this:  You do NOT need to develop and build the class out right away — in fact, what we did was come up with the concept for it – and then assembled the strategy and details for “launching” the program – so we could sell it – and if we had takers, we could THEN build out the training and deliver it “just-in-time” to our new students… and we could learn as we go – making sure we deliver value the entire time.

I’m not going to lie — it’s work — but it’s the work that will allow you to get off of the time-for-money treadmill.  So consider it.  Enter your questions below in the comments…

I’ll have more soon!

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An in-demand marketing consultant, speaker, and educator, Kim is a respected visionary with a great sense of humor who has made her life goal to make marketing easier and more accessible for small business owners. When not changing the course of marketing history, you can find her at a tiny cabin next to a Wisconsin lake with people and critters that make her happy.

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