Do you know how your landing pages are performing? Identifying what works, causing your visitors to stick around is the all-important step to converting more leads.

In this session Margaret Johnson and Kim Albee will walk you through creating landing pages that convert and will entice your audience to act and therefore become leads. Also, Margaret and Kim will talk about how to make sure your leads have the best possible experience on your website, which will ensure better results.

Your traffic has two fundamental choices.

Visitors come to your website from various places; google searches, links from other websites, links from emails, paid campaigns, and so on. Maybe they land on a blog post, or your home page, or a landing page. Regardless of the way they get to your website they will see what’s there and then do one of two things – leave the page (bounce), or the information provided is useful to them and they will convert to a lead or customer (taking action).

It’s about more than conversions!

What you want more than conversions is more of your PERFECT customer. To do this, you need to understand your target customer – how do they think? What do they want? Once this is established you can spend more time marketing to your most motivated customers.

Conversions aren’t all mystery and lore.

Why aren’t you getting the results you want from your landing page? Figuring out why your audience is not taking action and tweaking your page is the obvious goal of optimization. All tweaks and changes should be measured and tracked, so you can learn what works over time. It’s not about a list of best practices, it’s about testing with your visitors, and learning what works best with YOUR audience.

What does an optimized page do for you?

A well optimized landing page maximizes your traffic with content that is important to them in a clear and concise manner. This optimizes your paid advertising spends, making sure your advertising budget is providing results. Providing relevant content helps build your authority and trust with your audience.

Developing a plan.

You might be itching to dive right in and tweak your landing pages and website, however take a step back to figure out what the data is telling you. Challenging yourself to come up with a hypothesis based on your analytics, data and testing can go a long way toward creating impactful changes. If you stick to this system of analyzing before making changes you’ll consistently be improving your site. Also, you’ll be learning quite a bit about your audience!

Last thoughts.

Is your site appealing to your audience so that there is little aggravation and friction as they navigate through your site? You want their experience to be clear and easy – you want to minimize their concerns about taking action. To do these things you must understand YOUR perfect customer very well. Look at your site through their eyes, and build landing pages that convert!

About Margaret Johnson

Margaret is a business and technology veteran who started marketing accidentally nearly three decades ago - when she was five and a true marketing prodigy (ahem). When not coming up with awesome ideas, presenting webinars, or teaching about marketing, she's living with two cats, a crotchety fellow, and a house full of antiques and collectibles. She does not use Pinterest.

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