Design impacts our lives in both subtle and apparent ways. From our phones to our household gadgets to our emails and landing pages, everything is a function of design. So the designs of your emails and landing pages must provide a great user experience by being responsive. There’s just one thing…

The problem is that the internet can either alter or not alter a design on countless screens. If you only design for the desktop, half your audience may be missing out on your content. This is why responsive design is one of the most important ideas in designing web pages and emails.

Milton Glaser, legendary graphic designer, had one of the best design philosophies of all time: “There are three responses to a piece of design — yes, no and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for.”

This blog will help you understand and apply effective techniques of responsive emails and landing pages so you can put the “Wow” into your customers’ experience.

Email Responsiveness – Responding to the Customer Experience 

What many brands don’t realize is that email can be the thread that weaves the marketing and customer experience together. Those who fail to create responsive pages and emails do so at the risk of unweaving that fabric.

When email offers the highest ROI of any digital marketing channel, generating a $40 return for every $1 spent, it’s dumb not to optimize how your emails show up across all devices. If you’re not seeing these ROI numbers, You May be Doing Email Marketing All Wrong.

Email is the preferred channel for content consumption among consumers [Source: Adestra].  So then why are marketers so hyper-focused on SEO, social marketing, and website design?

SEO, social marketing, and web page design (think landing pages) are all effective methods of driving traffic, so you can grow your email list through these strategies. So it’s not the question of why are they focusing on these… it’s the fact that only a small percentage of consumers are ready to buy, and your email strategy including the design of your emails is how you convert those who aren’t ready to buy. It’s all in nurturing the experience.

So how effective is lead nurturing when it comes to growing more customers, shortening the sales cycle, and sales teams hitting their quotas? Well, many marketers think it’s this important…

78% of marketers state that email is the most effective channel for lead nurturing [Source: Oracle]

Then why aren’t more marketers being responsive to this trend?

Turns out the biggest thing standing in the way of responsive emails is having marketer’s themselves learn to build them effectively… maybe because they don’t have the tools that make it easy, or because they don’t want to learn new aspects of the tools they have….

That’s why our tech heads at WPMktgEngine have spent countless hours testing email and landing page responsiveness, and how to make it easy for entrepreneurs and small business marketers to build emails and opt-in pages that look great across all devices.  And what do we have to show for it… 

A beautifully designed drag-and-drop email builder that’s responsive on every device and screen size. Not only do we extensively test the responsiveness of our own emails and web pages, but we also share that expertise with our many clients to help optimize theirs as well.

Here’s a list of  common mistakes marketers make with email design:

  • Create engaging content regardless of screen: If a message doesn’t resonate on standard platforms, it definitely won’t work in mobile, either.
  • Think it through to the end: If you have a kick-ass responsive email, then you also need a kick-ass responsive landing page. The design of headlines, messages and wording of the email should match the landing page. Maintain consistency throughout, you do not want to create dissonance.
  • Be skimmable: Long paragraphs are hard enough to read on a large monitor and become nearly impossible to read on a mobile screen.
  • Watch your images like a hawk: Images are the nemesis of responsive design and can break the layout if too wide. Keep in mind, an image with too many words will be resized and may become difficult to read.

The Mobile eVolution

Nearly two-thirds of Americans own smartphones, and for many these devices are a key entry point to the online world – (Pew Research: Smartphone use in 2015). That’s significant from a marketing perspective. If your email campaigns and landing pages aren’t optimized for mobile, you could miss out on up to three-quarters of your potential customers. Can your business afford this kind of loss?

Consumers are quickly transitioning their email consumption away from the PC to the more “drive-thru” convenience of mobile [speaking metaphorically about viewing on mobile]  If you’re in the business of email marketing, well, then you understand that email technology and user-engagement are changing…and they’re changing rapidly.

Mobile view on the iPhone 6:


Responsive email

See how the words disappear and the image cuts off? Not being responsive will lessen engagement due to a poor user experience. This is what we call adding “friction.”  Now, what do you think the visitor will do upon seeing this email on their mobile device? You  guessed it, either unsubscribe to your email list or delete your message.

WPMktgEngine’s Responsive Drag-and-Drop Email Builder :

Responsive email

Now, you can see how much more readable and accessible the responsive email is. There’s no panning or zooming in order to read the text. The link is legible and clickable and bullet points skimmable. The rendering reduces that friction and heightens the overall experience.

Responsive Landing Pages

Are you creating landing pages that facilitate a frictionless experience for your leads regardless of which device they’re using?

Visitors shouldn’t have to zoom or pan to read the landing page’s copy, search high and low to find your CTA, and get carpal tunnel completing your super-long form. Make the page nice to view and the form easy to fill out. Why is that important? Because the more you ask for, the more friction you introduce to the process.  The average user’s attention span is 3-5 seconds, this is cut in half when convenience and experience are reduced.

Just look at how a nicely rendered landing page makes for a great experience.

WPMktgEngine’s responsive landing pages:

screen-shot-2016-09-20-at-9-47-48-pm       Landing page responsiveness        Landing page responsiveness

*WPMktgEngine is so well-schooled in responsiveness that we are unable to produce an unresponsive example.

Test these alternatives to Best practices When Creating  a Responsive Landing Page

  1. Try swapping CTA for a click-to-call button.
  2. Test having only required fields on your form and only ask for the minimum amount of information you need (for example: first name & email).
  3. Use a smaller CTA that pops up the form when tapped.
  4. Test reducing copy.
  5. Drive home the fact that completing an action will be quick and easy.

What Makes WPMktgEngine Different?

WPMarketingEngine automatically renders your emails and landing pages based on screen size, thus reducing the time, energy, and tech knowledge needed to render them yourself. Our new drag-and-drop email builder comes pre-coded and allows you to view your emails across all ESPs [including Outlook and Gmail] before you send it or post it. Just drag, drop, automate, and send…it’s that worry-free!

Who’s Ready to Optimize?

Email is the most popular way users digest content. By utilizing a strong technical, automated platform that allows for easy rendering and focusing on the user experience, brands can dramatically heighten their ‘Net’ worth.

Go see how easy it is to build responsive emails and landing pages at WPMktgEngine

Test your page’s responsiveness Mobile-Friendly test  


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