There’s a common misconception regarding marketing automation that may even be bigger than the one about humans use only 10% of their brain. I used this misconception example because it relates to most marketers only using 10% of their marketing automation capabilities. This is due largely to the fact most marketers believe marketing automation is basically a life-support system for scheduling and sending emails.

Marketing automation encompasses so much more than that. It’s actually mind-blowing.

Think about all the time-saving things that you can do with marketing automation. Listen up small business owners, you need the power of marketing automation to survive and thrive.

For example, if somebody places an order for a product or for an event whether in person or virtual if you accept payments online via – web store or e-commerce store – those orders can be tied directly to your lead records automatically.

Say someone wants to schedule an appointment. You could actually send them to a calendaring app that you’ve synched with your calendar, let them pick a time, and have that appointment tie directly into their lead record as well as schedule the actual call and/or a GoToMeeting. Then automatically email them the information so you don’t have to fuss with your calendar or the call details. But you can not just use a calendaring app for that, which many people do, you can actually sync those actions into your marketing automation application to tie that information directly into the lead’s record.

CRMs can be very intimidating because of their robust capabilities. However, marketing automation systems like WPMktgEngine and Genoo have CRM’s built into their platforms, so you can easily tie multiple things together. This allows you to understand so much more about your leads. The automation isn’t the only thing that saves you time.  Tying these actions to the lead’s record allows you to better engage your leads.

So that’s what you can do with all that newly discovered information: target better, segment deeper, respond more efficiently to ensure the right lead gets the right email at the right time. These are some things you can do. You can do more than that.  Imagine only developing content that you know will resonate with your leads?  yeah – it helps with that too.

Do you run webinars? If so, do you send people directly to the webinar provider’s registration page?  Instead of a landing page on your site?

Imagine having a page on your site that allowed people to complete a lead capture form that registers those people into the webinar on the back end? You could then track all of their behavior on your site and tie that intelligence into the lead record. Just think of the power this intelligence would allow you!

If you have a newsletter, you can put it on a recurring schedule and have it pull from an RSS feed. The RSS feed grabs a snippet of what the article is about. But better yet, you can tailor the RSS feed’s copy to better entice your subscribers to click through.

But wait, there’s more! You can have multiple newsletters tailored to people’s interests or you could have a broader newsletter that has multiple blog posts, each one targeted to a different interest, so this is how leads segment themselves and then target your ongoing campaigns with them based on their interests.

Surveys are a great way to get hyper-targeted information. With WPMktgEngine or Genoo, you can create a survey and segment leads based on how they respond to questions. You can then follow up with emails specifically about the participant’s overall score or to a specific question or answer. You can also respond to or bucket people into specific interest categories.  Set up a continuous learning platform… where you continuously learn about your leads and their interests.

There are numerous ways to use automation to your benefit. And the best thing…it can all be done automatically (lol). Imagine the time you can save by understanding these things about your leads and how much more effective your marketing campaigns will be. How much easier and less time it will take to development personalized content.

Using marketing automation can give you more time to do the important things of marketing which is engaging your leads and strategizing about how to better nurture them because you have all the data in one spot.

Those are ways to think about marketing automation beyond just automating an email sequence with wait times and different things like that. Hopefully, I’ve opened your eyes to the fact that there is a lot more that you can do with marketing automation. The examples and ideas I’ve provided in this post just scratches the surface and shows you a few ways that you can use automation to make your marketing life far more effective.

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An in-demand marketing consultant, speaker, and educator, Kim is a respected visionary with a great sense of humor who has made her life goal to make marketing easier and more accessible for small business owners. When not changing the course of marketing history, you can find her at a tiny cabin next to a Wisconsin lake with people and critters that make her happy.

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