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How Your Future Business Will Flourish With One Powerful WordPress Plugin

Eliminate Cobbling Costly Marketing Tools That Don’t Produce Results

How would you like to build a large list of responsive customers who can’t wait to open your next email, engage with your content, and put money into your bank account day after day?

But first…you must stop selling Chinese food at an Italian restaurant.

This will soon make sense.

If you’re pulling your hair out and heightening your anxiety day in and day out trying to piece together a highly complex, expensive set of marketing tools just so you can reach, basically, anyone who will click.

Then this message is for you…and your hair.

The daily stress, anxiety, and cash-flow problems won’t just disappear. They will ONLY get worse! Not to mention there’s a significant cost to not dealing with these problems.

There’s a simpler, less stressful way to quickly build your lead base, track and score behaviors, and engage on a friend-to-friend level while using an automated platform that humanizes digital connectedness 24/7.

“We are using the system for its lead capture capabilities on our website and it is fantastic at that.”
— David Ostrow.

If You Ignore the Problem, It Just Gets Worse

What do most small business owners do when facing ballooning marketing budgets and declining lead engagement? Answer: whatever their so-called “expert” tells them to do.

So that leads you to believe “what can possibly go wrong?”

After all, you’ve followed your expert’s instructions on going with the “cookie-cutter” strategy most marketers are doing, while disregarding both your business and audience’s needs. But how do you know your “cookie-cutter” marketing plan is working? You don’t! Because you’re not equipped with the insights to know any better.

But, hey, you’re just thrilled everything is working…or is it?

If you can relate to of any of the following, your strategy isn’t working:

  • check_circleThe main frustration of putting together a marketing plan without intelligence and critical data.
  • check_circleCobbling plugins from multiple vendors to achieve surface-level results (i.e., clicks).
  • check_circleYour automated marketing tools don’t allow actions from one thing to inform the other.
  • check_circleYou’re ending up with less hair, fewer leads and money and more plugins and disconnected strategies than you know what to do with.

And what happens if you keep doing the same thing over and over? If you just keep traveling that lost marketing highway? You’ll keep widening the gap between you and your leads, losing credibility and ultimately closing the doors of your business.

“We know how to send emails out to our prospects and we’re getting some good response. It’s easy to use, easy to set up, and we’re having great support. I would recommend WP Marketing Engine to any small/medium sized business who needs help getting leads on their website and nurturing them into sales.”
— Paul Mosenson

How I Discovered The Secret of Building a List of Engaged, Paying Customers

My world before WPMktgEngine…

I started my career as a techie nerd. You know that person in the dark corner of the office face down, deep in systems architecture. But after years of creating some large, sophisticated systems for some of the biggest names on NASDAQ, I decided to leave the Fortune 500 nest and open my own business.

Mind you, I had no marketing pedigree or experience for that matter.

I attempted to automate and integrate all the popular marketing tools and plugins while trying to manage everything at once. Let me tell you, the stress and cost were overwhelming!

What an absolute pain in the butt! It was like trying to get honey from multiple Bees’ nests.

This was the outcome: I found out that this one thing that you chose doesn’t work with this other thing, and now you’ve got to go back to the drawing board to get those things explained or wait for those things to work together and be straightened out.

Now you’re back with more web developers on their schedule, spending more money, wasting more time, and trying to get the solution that will work so you can grow and scale your business.

It’s exhausting just writing about it!

I STILL had no idea who was clicking what, more about their interest level, or when to ask them to buy?

I was lost, voiceless, and going deeper into debt thinking, “tomorrow will be better.”

But it never got better… Then I realized that I could design and assemble my own system – to make it EASY to grow and scale my business – heck! I have the nerd chops for that, and it couldn’t be tougher than systems I’d architected for the big companies I worked for!

Now, here’s where it gets fun! I did EXACTLY that, and guess what? I realized that my system could help simplify A LOT of entrepreneur’s and small business owner’s lives… not just mine.

“The ability to track lead behavior on my site, to have this level of data at this price point is something I never thought would be possible unless I was invested into InfusionSoft.”
— Carolyn Holzman.

Time to Realize Your World After WPMktgEngine

Finally, it’s your turn to enjoy the fruits of your marketing labor. And often these fruits are low hanging and ripe for the picking.

How ‘bout I give you a sneak peek into your new world: you send an email, a few hundred people open it and click-through the link. Later, while looking at page views, you discover that 20% of leads visited your pricing page, while 32% read your blog and 48% downloaded an attractor.

At last! You have the granular metrics to see what pages your leads have visited, know where their interests lie, and speak their language so you can create content that augments their experience.

You can also easily automate actions based upon those lead activities – so your leads get EXACTLY what they need based on their interests. And you look like you’re completely interested in what they need. You are listening!

And that’s just the surface of the behavioral tracking and targeting that will keep your leads in the value loop. You are fully in control of the conversation, establishing relationship, trust, and authority.

What do you have to show for discovering this new world?

  • favoriteYou’re Happier and more resourceful
  • favoriteYou’re more confident
  • favoriteYour leads love you
  • favoriteYou have more paying customers

Take control and harness the power of searching, conversing, and analyzing all in one central location. You can be as curious as you want and assess what’s working and what isn’t. It’s easy to discover value while minimizing waste. Easily segment your leads and figure out The “Wow Factor” by looking at your results and drilling through them.

Your hair, family, and business will thank you for it.

Now, this doesn’t mean there’s not work involved. It’s not a magic blanket or a magic beanstalk like other automation platforms promise. It’s not that. You’ve got to build your campaigns, create your opt-in landing pages, generate leads, and assemble your purchase funnel. But after the front-end lifting, you can place your marketing efforts on autopilot — leaving you more time to focus on what’s important and less time struggling to get your systems to work.

How would that make you feel? Like the master of your domain, Damn It! Bring on the World!!

“Just wanted to let you know how much I love WPMktgengine and we are now including it as part of systemic and strategic design process. It’s just that damn good and powerful.

— Jonathon Partlow.

Here’s What You Get…NOW!

It’s Decision Time…

You have a choice to make: Do what you’ve been doing (or worse, do nothing at all). You know where that will lead you. Is this where you want to be or where you want to go?

Take a new action and get a new result. Finally, get more leads and turn them into raving fans that will keep buying from you and will help you spread the word.

When you purchase WPMktgEngine, you’ll instantly begin:

  • thumb_upIncreasing lead generation and engagement.
  • thumb_upRunning highly targeted, triggered email campaigns.
  • thumb_upBuilding professional-grade, drag-and-drop landing pages, and emails.
  • thumb_upTracking lead activity based on behavioral metrics.
  • thumb_upIncreasing sales while saving time with seamless tool tech integration.
  • thumb_upMinimizing tech headaches.
  • thumb_upCreating a centralized lead database based on their activities.
  • thumb_upScoring leads so you know where they’re at in their buying journey.
  • thumb_upGrowing and scaling your business like never before!

“Still going through the training, thanks for putting together a straightforward training system.”
— Michael Walker

Plus, If You Order Now, You’ll Get 3 Bonuses – FREE!

#1 Online Marketing Mastery

We reward proactive business owners who want better results. Get WPMktgEngine today and access our Online Marketing Essentials video training.

You’d pay a fortune for this information, but we’ve assembled it to give you that edge as a preferred WPMktgEngine customer!

You get 24-lessons covering:

  • starHow to define your target market
  • starHow to research and create your buyer personas
  • starHow to build your list and nurture your leads
  • starHow to segment your leads for better engagements
  • starHow to learn key aspects of marketing automation and effective strategies of email marketing

#2 Priority Response Upgrade

Priority Response: You’ll get individualized help with our expert technical and customer support team. We pride ourselves on unprecedented response time so your downtime is minimal.

#3 Weekly Q&A Webinars

Constant Live Q&A webinars that walk you through WPMktgEngine implementation specific to your business.

I am so happy with WPMktgEngine. It makes me so happy to have a tool that allows me to maintain my lists and send out automated emails and nurture sequences, build landing pages and develop CTAs for my web pages. I highly recommend it.

— Alice Heiman

Our No-Risk, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

If WPMktgEngine isn’t performing like you thought or isn’t the right fit, simply notify us before 30-days and we’ll refund your money. No questions. No hassling conversation.

The only risk is not taking advantage of this incredible opportunity to grow your business and your leads.

There’s nothing to lose, except maybe your hair and business if you don’t take action.

Stop Piecing Together and Start Automating Your Marketing Engine!


Subscription packages from $44/mo.

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