If you’re a small business marketer, figuring out which channels to use to deliver your messages, which content goes to which lead, and how often you should send messages can be a time-consuming guessing game. While it is great that we have infinite opportunities to attract and engage our leads, managing multiple channels effectively can seem overwhelming. 

I came across an interesting statistic that pointed out that over 80% of your leads leave you because of indifference

Why’s this? Small and midsize businesses’ marketing practices end up driving a wedge between what your leads are looking for and the content you’re delivering to them. And it’s this disconnect that leads to the “indifference.” 

Here’s a fact: 2/3 of marketers who use data-driven marketing say they have a competitive advantage over those who don’t.  Which “third” are you in?  If you don’t pay attention, your well-informed competitors could very well be driving you deeper into irrelevancy. This is particularly challenging for small and midsize business owners, who hear terms like “analytics” and automatically think, “I can’t possibly do that; I’m too small.”

You may not understand what all the “hubbub” is about.  Marketing automation platforms allow you to run campaigns, capture detailed tracking, provide analytics, and even integrate with e-commerce. In today’s super-complex, scary-competitive business realm, it’s imperative that you equip your business with the necessary tools to compete.

I’ve seen too many marketers who lack the time, resources, and know-how to build a lead database, create a triggered campaign or make sense of behavioral analytics — the very data needed to drive results! It basically comes down to capital and headaches.  Small business owners feel automated tech is nothing more than a pricey complex headache producer.

Sound familiar?

The ever-widening chasm between the business using marketing automation and those who don’t accentuate the differences between the agile businesses and the ones who are constantly grasping at straws to attract and retain leads. I suspect that this lack of equality is why 50% percent of small businesses fail within the first five years.

Why Marketing Automation?

When small business owners get the automation epiphany, they hurriedly cobble together numerous platforms with no thought of compatibility issues or ease of use or if a particular platform (or group of them) is even the right fit for your company. It’s basically what their so-called expert told ‘em to get. They also don’t understand the relationship among the moving parts.

Remember the frog and the boiling water story from my last blog? Read it and take it to heart before you unwittingly get into the pot!

How exhausted are you from performing repetitive tasks day in and day out?  Assembling one-off emails, posting to social media, making website updates, assembling lead nurturing sequences, and reviewing your analytics…the list goes on and on!  

Instead of having to set up individual email campaigns and manually segmenting lists, marketing automation does the heavy lifting for you by running trigger-based campaigns, providing detailed campaign reports, and segmenting leads based on behavior without you having to spend 20-30 hrs a week manually sorting and organizing key data. However, your automation needs to sync with your flow of Online Marketing, so you can focus on more important things like freeing up time to grow your business.

It’s important to know that, without the right tools, managing communication across multiple platforms and tools can be a logistical nightmare – not to mention keeping on top of how each tool or platform is performing within the group. At the end of the day, can you understand what each lead is doing? What pages they’ve visited? What webinars they’ve registered for and attended? What they’ve downloaded? What surveys they’ve completed?  What emails they’ve opened?  Clicked-through? Most tools keep their own analytics and rarely do you get a unified view of what’s actually going on.  Struggling to get tools to work well together is often a time-consuming, yet futile and frustrating effort.

Small and midsize businesses deserve better!  Most organizations settle because they think that’s as good as it can be.  Confusion mostly rules the day.

Don’t lose heart!  Life can now be a LOT better than you think.

Imagine Marketing Automation Possibilities…If Only…

Small businesses are becoming the big winners in the age of automation because it levels the playing field.  In five years, 50% of small businesses who open their doors today won’t be around. They’re losing to large corporations that spend millions on sophisticated marketing automation tools. 

With WPMktgEngine’s help, we can reverse that trend and bring more intelligent automated technology at a price point every small business owner (running WordPress) can afford. An added bonus is having out-of-the-box integrations that save you from the time-intensive integration headache frustration and fractured data & analytics that keep you from having the overall picture of what’s working and what isn’t.

Here’s a great article to help you prevent an implementation fail: Why 60% of Marketing Automation Implementations Fail

Implementing Marketing Automation

So after all this, which platform is right for your business? Implementing just one new technology takes time, money, and a tech department, leading many small businesses to stay clear of marketing automation, and mixing different tools together increases those headaches. However, there’s one marketing automation tool that’s easy to utilize, inexpensive and requires no “techie.” And the  benefit it provides small businesses makes it worth the little effort. To simplify the implementation process, businesses should seek a software that integrates easily with their current tools and datasets, as this will minimize the expense and labor involved with implementation.

WPMktgEngine helps marketers increase revenue contribution by solving some of their toughest online marketing problems. We understand the challenges of results-driven marketers by seamlessly integrating the essential set of tools and integrations from opt-in pages and lead capture forms to email provider to membership solution to eCommerce right out of the box! No begging or waiting for some techie to help “align” the stars (because none of us have time for that!).

Before you go buying up every tool and plugin for your automation needs, see how WPMktgEngine is tailored to fit your small business and make growing your business a lot easier.



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