Everyone enjoys a garden, whether for its tranquil aesthetics or respect and admiration for the effort it takes to grow a blossoming one. But if you’re like me, our thumbs may not always be green. (I once had a Yucca plant bite the dust. How does that happen?)

There is an easy way, however, to acquire a “green thumb” when it comes to growing your lead “garden.” Start thinking “Garden Effect” when it comes to lead generation, lead nurturing, and lead conversion. Sounds simple, right?

I know, why would I be using the garden metaphor when it has nothing to do with lead generation? Well, hold on a second. There are many parallels you can draw between growing your garden and growing your business. In fact, this analogy works so well it may surprise you.

Think of this blog as the first step in building your perfect lead-zen garden.

Here’s a quick example to shed some light on this “garden” metaphor. Say you spent oodles of money on new flowers. You rush home and plant them in your garden without knowing if you have the proper soil, adequate nutrients, or enough sunlight for each flower’s requirements. What happens t^46F1614E9BDBB662FFABBAAE5162743E3F887828053F876115^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrhen?

Those hydrangeas and zucchini [online leads] probably aren’t growing like they should be. Rogue plants [bad email practices and landing page designs] are spreading like Creeping Charlie and even blossoming flowers [well-crafted attractors] wither and die for unknown reasons. Lack of planning, oversights, and/or lack of knowledge produce a garden [business] of dried-up flowers [leads]. 

You may have fallen into that common practice of “plant-and-neglect,”or in online marketing speak “batch-and-blast” – assuming that every plant [lead] gets exactly the same treatment as every other plant [lead]. This can dramatically reduce your garden [business] results.

See what I did there? 

Now, start thinking how you would grow leads as you would an award-winning garden. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do I pay enormous amounts of money for services I never attend to?
  • Do I understand what nutrients are needed for each lead?
  • What soil is needed to plant my leads in?
  • Am I up to date on the best practices to minimize pain, time, and money?

This is a lot to think about. But with the right specialized tools, these answers can become results in less time than you think.

Gardening and Lead Generation are Organic, Artistic, and User-Centric 

Has this happened to you: You’ve planted a garden full of fruits and vegetables, and have noticed that everyone’s been eating only strawberries and tomatoes, while the squash and cucumbers are rotting in the sunlight. Or your leads have been consuming only small amounts of your fruits and vegetables [attractors] while leaving the bulk of your online attractors unconsumed? Does this sound like your own lead-generation experience? The good news is that there are a lot of hungry consumers ready and willing to snack on your offerings.

Much like a garden designed for people to consume its many offerings, the same’s true for designing your lead-generation garden. Plant the right seeds to feed your leads what they crave to minimize wasted reach, time, and money.

Unless of course farmer Gmail is subsidizing your email garden. Well, then he may not allow the proper seeds [emails] to grow and you’ll be stuck with an empty garden — meaning your emails aren’t landing in their respective inboxes because farmer Gmail doesn’t approve your crops [emails].

Supply personalized content that fulfills the needs and wants and reduces the pain points for each of your leads. For example, say your garden is full of different plants and veggies. You must give each plant and veggie personalized attention at each stage of its nurturing process for optimal growth.

Don’t say it. I know what you’re thinking, “Sure, where the heck am I going to find the time and money to dedicate to this level of involvement?” Understandable. It sounds like a boatload of work and money, but it doesn’t have to be. Imagine for a moment the reality of growing and nurturing those leads on a highly personalized level without all of the drawbacks – without big investments of time or money.

Gardening Helps Overcome Lead-Generation Challenges

Old marketing metaphors and outdated practices won’t grow your lead base. Sorry if you’re still using them. ;( Quick Litmus Test: Would you knowingly employ bad practices to grow a beautiful garden? For instance, use toxic herbicides to destroy weeds in order to facilitate your garden’s growth, while knowing full well it’d jeopardize the health of the eco-system. Now, think of that analogy when it comes to your lead generation practices as a whole.

Are you using toxic lead-generation strategies which may be killing your business’s ecosystem – the masses you are trying to connect with on a personal level?

Online marketing is an ever-evolving ecosystem. Much like gardening and lead generation, you must tend to and cultivate each plant, flower, veggie…with healthy, nutrient-rich tactics that foster the growth of the entire garden. To do this, it takes knowledge, consistency, and above all, the right tools.

Your online marketing results equal the amount of work and knowledge you put into it. Recall a few paragraphs back when I said personalized lead generation doesn’t have to be time consuming and expensive? Right now, you are probably having to commandeer multiple marketing platforms to achieve nominal results – your tomatoes may be thriving, but your zucchini is dying on the vine.

Using multiple marketing services for lead generation takes countless hours, comprehensive knowledge, and generates mostly headaches and exhaustion tying everything together. Been there, done that!

Oh, and those flowers, plants, veggies, and fruits you planted? They’re yours, but what if the land isn’t? What if your garden is flourishing and you have a spat with the landowner who is letting you use his land?

You might be able to take your fruits and veggies [leads], but you’ll be leaving the plants in the ground. That’s what happens when you use a domain you don’t own for your landing pages, thank you pages, or sales pages.

Read this interesting post on The Problem with LeadPages and ClickFunnels and how they can screw your long-term marketing results. It’s very important you understand this fro ma marketing standpoint, so go read it now. I’ll be here waiting for you to return…

“Welcome back! Isn’t it unimaginable how such a small thing like that can impact the big three of online marketing as much as it does? Just floors me that more marketers do not know about this.  

Wouldn’t it truly be a lead-zen garden if you could cultivate, plant, nurture, and OWN your own garden without needing to refinance your house to pay for it and having to spend time away from your family to tend to it? We understand you’re spread thin between home and work life! That’s why we’ll continue to give you the seeds and tools to grow your lead-generation garden.


Happy Gardening 😉

🌻 🌷 🌺 🍏 🍎 🌽 🌶


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