Stories from the trenches, typed in a tone¬†of desperation and disbelief – that’s what we heard, when we started asking people if they were experiencing the same things we were with trying to do great marketing with WordPress. A couple of people cried (well, maybe not really), but you could really hear the fatigue, the sadness, and ultimately, the resignation in their voices as they related the cobbled-together solutions they’d finally settled on, and how much work they’d had to do to get to a bare minimum of productivity.


Before we started developing WP Marketing Engine, we wanted to know that the pain was real – and oh boy, howdy, did we ever find out – the pain is VERY real, and people genuinely believed great marketing with WordPress to be, sadly, next-to-impossible.

Read these real stories and see if any of them sound familiar. (I’m going to X out any product names – we aren’t here to bash the competition. ūüôā )

It took me a whole day to get my forms plugin working with my email program, and I’m still not sure they’re working right.

Help needed. I am struggling with connecting my squeeze page to my bribe (lead magnet / attractor) and thank you page. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Is anyone willing to walk me through this? I have X landing page program and Y autoresponder.

I want to deliver my lead magnet through X landing page program so I don’t have to put the link for the download into my email sequence from Y autoresponder. I plan to have many lead magnets incorporated into my blog posts to match the theme of what I post. If I put the lead magnet in my first email, then I would have to have an email campaign for each different¬†lead magnet – too much work! Found out that¬†to use X landing page program to send the lead magnet for me, I¬†can only schedule it to be delivered right after the opt-in, which is before the confirmation email, which defeats my¬†plan for using my¬†lead magnet to build my¬†list. I had been using Y autoresponder to deliver my lead magnet but if I continue then I can’t use many lead magnets.

I seem to have spent all day on X landing page program, fighting integration woes, but I finally have a squeeze page for my training offering.

Can’t believe how long it’s taken me to struggle through this!

These are a small glimpse into the reality of what we were told, via emails, polls, and live conversations, and we knew, without a doubt, that our quest to put everything into a single plugin was the right quest to be on. But that’s not the point of this story, after all.

The point here is this – these challenges are real. Cobbling together a bunch of plugins with a bunch of software programs is what marketers and small business owners have been struggling with for years, yet it has become the norm.

Why should great marketers and brilliant small business people have to deal with anything less than great marketing with WordPress?

Watch the struggle: The Problem with Plugins is a quick video that really spells out these challenges, and I’d love for you to watch it.

(By the way, WP Marketing Engine solves every one of these problems – brilliantly.)

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Margaret is a business and technology veteran who started marketing accidentally nearly three decades ago - when she was five and a true marketing prodigy (ahem). When not coming up with awesome ideas, presenting webinars, or teaching about marketing, she's living with two cats, a crotchety fellow, and a house full of antiques and collectibles. She does not use Pinterest.

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