Congratulations! Now Let’s Start that Engine…

Get the plugin and install it to your WordPress site (if you wonder how to do this, just go to the community site and watch the Getting Started Training Intro).

Step 2: Take the Getting Started Training

Login to the WPMktgEngine Community site (same user/pwd as you created for WPMktgEngine). We walk you through step-by-step what you need to do to get the plugin working, importing your current list, and getting your first email ready to go.

Step 3: Review the Success Tips

At the community site, you can plot and plan how you’ll use WPMktgEngine.  The success tips give you ideas you can use and implement right away!

Step 4: Participate in the Community!

If you have any questions, we’re here to help.  Look at the forums, through the user guides, and the other training, and reach out if you have questions. We’re monitoring and responding to the forums every day.

Get Started Today!
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 Community Login

You have options! From one-on-one training sessions to having our team set up your WPMktgEngine for you, we’re here to ensure your success. Think you need something other than the options below? Let us know, and we’ll put a program together for you.

Option 1: One-on-One Training

Want Some Assistance? Our WPMktgEngine Mechanics will spend time with you in one-on-one training, customized to your specific needs. You’ll drive, and we’ll help you navigate as you get your WPMktgEngine started.

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Option 2: Jump Start Setup Services

Want the set up done for you? If you have your WordPress site ready to go, we’ll get WPMktgEngine installed and running for you. This is an hourly service, and this package gives you four hours – what it normally takes us to accomplish a standard group of tasks to get you going. The scope is up to you, and can include installing WPMktgEngine, getting your initial contact form created and onto your site, setting up an attractor on your site with form, lead type, and upload), and creating a call-to-action (CTA). Additional hours can be purchased if needed.

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Option 3: Conversion Services

If you’re coming from another system to WPMktgEngine, our Mechanics can help you with the conversion – extracting and uploading your leads, replicating a standard email format, and more. Because of the wide variety of email service providers and marketing platforms, we can’t give you a specific price until we know the system you’re on and how to use it. Let’s talk. We’ll figure it out together and come up with a reasonable price to get the work done.