You’re going to LOVE this!  I found an excellent, and relatively short video that is going to open your eyes in several ways.  But first, let me set the stage. If you’re trying to grow your list, one of the BEST ways to do that, is through effectively using Facebook and Facebook advertising.

Have you tried Facebook advertising in the past, and are now thinking that it doesn’t work for your business?  Before you slam the door shut entirely, please ask yourself these questions (note: these are not the “golden” questions, but perfect for helping diagnose what might have led to less than optimal results):

  • Did you optimize your campaigns for website conversion?  Or did you choose some other goal for them?
  • Did you boost posts as your method of advertising?
  • Did you make sure the Facebook Pixel was on your site pages BEFORE turning your ads on?

If you answered “no” to the first question and/or third questions, and “yes” to the middle one — then you haven’t really given Facebook ads a chance to perform for you and your business.  So if you fit in this camp — then chalk all of that ineffectiveness up to learning, and then take it on in earnest.

If you’ve tried and tried and gotten crappy results from Facebook advertising – there is likely another culprit (and you may not like it): your content.

This might be tough love — how much time did you spend first, understanding the pain points of your perfect potential customer?  Really grasping their challenges, fears, and frustrations?  Do you know how they think about and talk about them?

If not, then I highly recommend you interview (in person) 8-22 of your perfect potential customers and find out.  Download the five golden questions to ask.  Record the conversation, and get it transcribed.  Then organize the answers across your interviews by question, and go through and pull out the prevalent issues, challenges, fears, and frustrations — as well as their aspirations.

Then take a look at your ads; your content; your free gifts; EVERYTHING.  When looking at your ad copy & imagery, does it resonate?  Is it as strong as it can be?  Will it “stop the scroll”?

Tell yourself the truth.

Because once you get the lead, now you have the next challenge:  Engaging them over time and turning them into a customer.  And that takes content too… and that content MUST resonate with them, be relevant to where they are, and move them in the direction of where they want to be — which is where effective email marketing comes in; it’s where listening and segmenting come in (if you want to blow the lid off your results), too.

Let’s get back to the topic at hand. Watch this video by Jason Hornung; it has been viewed over 1 million times and shared over 2.3 thousand times.  It will help you understand what’s important about Facebook Ads that you might have missed (it’s only 18 minutes long):

Are you having trouble targeting BUYERS with your Facebook™ ads?If so, there’s a few (little known) reasons for this…Watch the video below and you’ll discover these reasons…Along with what you can do about them to take your campaigns from failure to success (or from success to MASSIVE success) in 2017…If you find this video to be of value, please like, share and tag a friend you feel would also find this video of value :)AND…If you’d like to learn more about creating and scaling Facebook™ ad campaigns…Then I’d recommend you click over to this link right here: that page, you can register for a free online training I put together that will help you create campaigns that make your “virtual cash register” ring over and over!To the victor belong the spoils,Jason Hornung

Posted by Jason Hornung on Monday, January 30, 2017

Now get out there and captivate your audience!  Be the leader they need!


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