Envision an eCommerce world where a lead’s transactions and activity record are captured in the same lead database. Under your breath, you’re probably saying “Sure, the next thing you’re going to tell me is that Aquaman has drowned in the bathtub!” It’s true [not about Aquaman’s demise – but about eComm/lead integration]. This new integration has changed the message pathway for what’s possible when a lead turns into a customer.  How? By allowing you to trigger relevant communications and segment more effectively based on a lead’s purchases! Let me explain…

In this new world, you can speak differently to someone who is a customer than to someone who has not yet become one.  And in the world of relationship building, being relevant and appropriate matters.  Continuing to ask someone to buy when they have already purchased can end forever.  Now, you can focus on customer-specific communications that can motivate them to become recurring customers, satisfied customers, and fan advocates, etc. When you create new pathways – like treating leads distinct from customers, it reduces cognitive dissonance, and, creates brand advocates that afford you the opportunity to generate passive income. Who doesn’t want to deepen relationships with your customers?

From both perspectives, just knowing when or if someone has bought from you or has taken your offer allows you to STOP sending  what amount to irritating messages asking them to buy or to register after they’ve done it. This helps build and sustain engagement because it says to the customer “Hey, we understand you and are paying attention.” 

But for small business marketers on a budget, piecing it all together to get that view of your leads and customers looks impossible, or super expensive. Not to mention with most email service providers, it’s not even possible.  Just imagine what it’s costing you in time and money to continue emailing people with offers on things they’ve already purchased? Or asking them to sign up for webinars they’ve already registered for?!  We’ve all experienced this — and it’s irritating, to say the least… you know you’re just one of a million other people on their “list” – they don’t really even know who you are… am I right?! 

Well, all that confusion and lack of support are about to change.

Imagine having the information associated with that lead automatically populate into your system, so you can create segments and trigger messages based upon your lead’s actions. For example, when they do buy, your sales messages STOP! And now you can begin nurturing them with relevant content on , say,  how they can maximize their purchase, get the most from the new product/service, or offer them something related to what they have purchased?! How’s this world looking so far? It’s something that larger companies do – but for smaller organizations, it’s been a tough nut to crack.

Here are a few examples of how WPMktgEngine allows you to leverage these new message pathways:

  • If they register for a webinar, you can easily invite them to spread the word with their colleagues. 
  • Send a download worksheet they’ll want to have ready for the webinar… keep kindling that interest by nurturing the lead and their interest.
  • After purchasing your product, send them a sequence on tips and tricks associated with the product and how to get the most out of using it.
  • Upsell other products that will enhance the benefits of their current one.

As a sample of what you would start to learn about your leads, here’s an example of this integration in terms of identifying the order right within the lead’s record:


Pretty incredible. Right? You can see the lead purchased a product on September 12th and his subsequent activity after the purchase. So beginning on September 12th, we stopped all sales messages to that lead and began nurturing him with content specific to his purchase and interests. It’s an absolute game changer to have this level of insight and ability to engage with a lead while your nurturing campaigns are on autopilot. No other software, focused on the entrepreneur and small business marketplace, has the capabilities of WPMktgEngine!

This integration works seamlessly today for Woo Commerce and JVZoo. If you’re using either one as your eCommerce engine or you’re an affiliate on JVZoo, imagine what it would be like to know who bought through your affiliate link?! Fun stuff. 

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