WPMktgEngine Affiliate Program

The WPMktgEngine Affiliate Program isn’t for everyone – but it could be for you.

Do you want your customers or clients to have the best, most cost-effective marketing automation capabilities available on the market today – accessed entirely from within their WordPress admin?

Perhaps you’d like a new source of consulting or services revenue for yourself – or a new platform in which you can deliver outstanding results?

Are you a WordPress consultant, looking for a new way to engage with your WordPress customers?

If the answer to any of those questions is “yes,” partnering with WP Marketing Engine could be your next great decision.


Review these requirements first:

  1. Are you using WP Marketing Engine in your business today? You’ll need to be. Honestly, we’ve just seen too many affiliate marketers pushing one product while using another, and that just doesn’t work for us. Use it and love it so you can promote it based on your experience with it.
  2. Are you willing to actively promote WP Marketing Engine with emails to your list, maybe a webinar here and there? We’ll talk through the details with you, of course. Bottom line is that partnering with WP Marketing Engine is more than putting our logo on your website and waiting for clicks. You okay with that?

If that works for you, we invite you to apply to the WPMktgEngine Affiliate Program. Fill out the application form, and we’ll be in touch with more details.

As a WPMktgEngine Affiliate Partner, you’ll have some great benefits, including:

  • Commission on referrals

  • Dedicated referral link

  • Prompt payments

  • Reporting

  • Affiliate support

We’ve revolutionized marketing for small businesses using WordPress. Become a WPMktgEngine Affiliate Partner to rev up your engine while helping your clients and customers rev up theirs.

This just never gets old.

Apply Here:

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