The Truth About Email Deliverability

How is your email deliverability? Got any clue about what it really takes to reach the inbox when you send out emails?

There are a lot of myths out there, and we set out to find the truth about email deliverability this year. It’s taken us months, and lots of testing, but we’re happy to report that we’ve discovered AND verified the THREE cornerstones of email deliverability

…and the fact that Genoo & WPMktgEngine ranks TOPS on the deliverability scale.

What are those three cornerstones? It took us an eBook to lay it all out – but I’ll talk about one in this blog post, and you can download the eBook if you want all three (yes, in exchange for your name and email — but that’s a fair trade, right?).

Here’s what I’ll explore in this blog that will open your eyes, and might even shock you:

Email Server Sending Reputation. It’s called the “sender score” and it’s assigned by a company called ReturnPath. It’s a score from 1-100 – with 100 being the TOP score for a sending server. The higher your score is to 100, the more trusted your email. So, while you may have known that email server reputation affects your deliverability, you may not know what the sender scores are for your email service provider.

We set out to research this across all of the major email service providers. We poll ALL of their sending servers every other day, and have been doing this for months now. We have logged the data, and we can graph it out. We put it all in an eBook that you can download for free.

Here’s the surprising thing that you may not realize: while the AVERAGE score across a range of sending servers might be 97 out of 100, the INDIVIDUAL server that is sending a portion of your email might have a score in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s. And you’ll never know it. You’ll likely get a decent open rate of around 20 or even 30 percent. But what you don’t realize is that for those emails going off the lower reputation servers, they’re likely NOT EVEN BEING DELIVERED, and those that are, are going to the SPAM FOLDER. You just think those didn’t “land” with your audience. Well — they didn’t “land” — but not in the way you think. The truth is they never had the opportunity to “land” — because they were never even SEEN.

And that’s not fun, is it?

It goes deeper… if you send out batch-and-blast emails that consistently get low open rates, well, you’re pretty screwed, because your emails will be relegated – by your email service provider – to their low-reputation servers… not really getting much of a chance to get better deliverability. And you don’t even know it. You work so hard on your content — and it never even gets SEEN.

Leaves you scratching your head and questioning your content though… and possibly INCORRECTLY so.

We are happy to report that the email sending servers that we manage for our Genoo and WPMktgEngine customers have a MEDIAN score of 99.0 and an average score of 98.875. In fact, the LOWEST score across our entire email server farm is 98 (on only ONE server, with the rest at 99).  That CANNOT be said for any of our competitors.  In fact many of the top names in email marketing and marketing automation have scores in the 50’s with HIGHS in the 70’s….  not good if you’re one of their customers!

That means, with WPMktgEngine, the first cornerstone of email deliverability is taken care of FOR YOU… The reputation aspect of the sending servers is handled… IF you are a Genoo or WPMktgEngine customer.  So if you’re interested consistently reaching the inbox, and getting your message through the clutter… by sending GREAT content to your leads… you might want to leverage the best value in the email sending space today:  WPMktgEngine.

OK — ‘nuff said — get our eBook below and discover the other two cornerstones of deliverability.

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